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Father of the mirage(69)

Hassan Ahmed

Revolution builders their actions and behaviours conform with these principles, the calling for the revolution must be built on the minds which could go forward, the methods of education have to contain the hidden distance of history of the land, the elder father says, the prominent revolution builders, they should continue the journey until the end, imagine, you will face most difficult and serious setbacks in your land, that way is not paved by the seasonal flowers, it is always thorny, very thorny, that is only make distinguish between those who rush to get their own interests, under plight of the revolution, and those who continue sacrifice to reach the end of its.

Do waste time to try to explain the difficulties in the land, these difficulties have been daily lived, felt, sensed, the elder father tells them, look for the methods to achieve it, any way to the National change or liberation, it needs humble minds, simple thought, heart calls for the internal progressive peace, the humble mind can attract the simple people who have been excluded deliberately by the dominated elites, the big words are deceptive, it might be misunderstood and misinformation, the elder says, how could you penetrate that area?, to make him or her to be a part of African ambition.

If you misunderstand your role to build, the revolutionaries pretenders will hijack your National vehicle, when they occupy it, the words will change, the building was constructed on moveable land, because of that it was hijacked.


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