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Father of the mirage(70)

Hassan Ahmed
The dying horizon has been narrowed at the bed of thorns, the slim moves are narrow, the horizon in pressure, the death monitors the stray horizon, it sits on a hot seat of daily worrying, there is a constant monitoring imposed on it, the orders from above, don’t give him a chance to feel free in his land, the urgent order says, the horizon must be put in a restricted situation, they want him to feel, he is an alien, he is not belonging to his own land, they have to exclude him completely, the voices which call for reduce the restrictions have been defeated, removed from from the public square.

The deliberate death monitors him everywhere, those wings of salvation must be cutoff, don’t let him feel the change will be near, nowhere for him to get out from the dark den, the horizon under arrest house, the house without guards, the existed guards only the mind, the mind is guarded by the state fear, the elder father remembers us, the fear itself is the state policy, the fear is a project of an oppressive state, its task to weaken you, to weaken her, to weaken them, to weaken us, to weaken him, to weaken you, then weaken me too.

The monitored horizon is an individual became stray in his territory, the order distanced him and distance her from the public square, his yelling is unheard, he is yelling at the public arena of state, but, he faces the public negligence, this predicament has become accepted, because as the elder father says, the negligence is a cultural behavior, the state machine fostered it as a National issue, the constant suffering has to be accepted, don’t wrangle it in any place, do you understand the state policy that hidden in the National book of yours.


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