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Father of the mirage(68)

Hassan Ahmed
The charcoal is burning in the far room, no one notices it, it burns every day, why are you so far that you cannot see the risk on the road, this is a public location, it located at your daily way, you always pass it, she always passes, he always passes, they always pass it daily, the fire is an enemy of the human, and a friend of human at the same time, the fire of your state pretends to hide in friendly clothe, do you see, how will act?, it surrounds your territory, you are so absent that you cannot see it, the whole danger around you daily, and you think everything is good.

Why are the impossible questions?, they have merciful location to get a possible answers, the elder father says, the seasonal rains feels frustrated to curb the widespread of fire, the widespread of fire puts us in an ambush of suffering, the elder wants to tell the sad river and the statue at different places, how will it be?, the situation sometimes entails that kind of contradiction, the era needs to address the people from different location at the same time, everything in the street has an obvious face and fake face, don’t blame the others for the clarification, that is only your responsibility alone.

There and here is blockade, the road of yours, it is a tired of confrontation fire, it always confronts alone without assistance from the neighbours, they face the same destiny of widespread of the fire in their geographic locations, the elder told the statue and the sad river, the people lost the confidence among themselves, the final journey of African journey will go on, in a secret meeting of elites behind the closed doors, they suggest the suffering of the masses have to rise to control them, thus the elder father says to us and the sad river and dusty National statue, will we believe that or not?.



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