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Father of the mirage(67)

Hassan Ahmed
Despite the National book clarified the rights of people, and state’s role how to serve sincerely and faithfully too, the details of book about the state’s responsibility, it is a clear to serve them, before changing the major concepts of state responsibility, the elder mentions the elites created in African state, what name it conceptualized the state brutality, it is a new phase to brutalize more to make the Africans look for the den to hide, do you know? The elder remembers, the elites need one thing important, don’t approach their borders, but according to the national book, these borders are yours, they confiscated it force of law, force of gun too.

During the soft talks, the sad river exchanges with the elder father, the land hasn’t been settled, the remnant of hidden politicians, they decide to emerge to the surface of unsettlement, at this trade will be benefited well, they defend to ailing body, it has fallen, but it can’t move, its soul is alive has a breath of wish to rule forever, despite the clear destruction, they want to rule again, no matter the ailment, if you are sick, you might rule, the state registered to him and others around him, this what called it the elder, the hidden remnants of game.

Rounds of crisis have not resolved seriously, any problem has beneficiaries, it is a source of income, the elder to the sad river, look to the environment around you, you are in the most contaminated area, this contamination not only about the place, but it is about the behaviour, it has been contaminated too, the ignorance is example to bury the reality on the moveable sands.


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