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Father of the mirage (65)

Hassan Ahmed
These days are general discontent, I am discontented too, the messages from the leaders always demoralize our morale and soul, we have become discontented, here is always misgiving, it is a slogan of daily African life, we live it every day, the plan of demoralization is a creed of state, it concocts the matter to make you at the same standard of matter, the created matter gratifies them alone, the gratification belongs to them alone, as I said, the elder father opens his own heart, it is a border of their alone, your misgiving is created to be away from your own situation, it is a hazardous misgiving.

Your feeling yearns to move on,  but that moving on is demoralized, your vacation is an empty vacation, it had lost its aims, the crisis has begun from the vacation, it was a good vacation, it took a wrong direction, you forgot to be you as you are, adoption of another identity, it doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to something different, how could you adopt thing never knows it, the days have passed, you are around the same time of misgiving, the elder father is a father of all time, he is here or there, he is always available, when you want him to be around you.
The gate of going out, it had closed, where is your key to open it?, you see, you don’t know where your legs stand, the elder father tells one of the active youth, if you don’t know, where are you standing, it is a hard mission to know, where you are going, this is only lesson to recognize, who are you?.


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