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Father of the mirage(64)

Hassan Ahmed

I have already agreed with my son and daughter to name the new births by that great name of Africa, the elder father revealed his ambition to public people, as the sad river is a part of the public, this series of African ambition might be constitutionally, bring, the proudness of yours to the headline of state, it is not an impossible mission, it is a mission of people who determine their phase towards the glory, a disappearance of glory is shame on us completely.

The disappointment that drags you out the glory, and you follow it with you, where you will go, the disappointment storms you every where, you can’t storm the disappointment to cancel it, it nullified your dream, and failed to nullify it, it enforces you to be aside, you failed to make it to be aside, during the true fighting for your principles, you decided to withdraw without a logical reason, you sent a message, you are not ready for this a crucial phase of yours.

The notebook of the elder clarifies the surrender for the disappointment, it is was your hurdle, you will foster different methods to avert that created barricade,
It is your beginning to pull your self out of this dilemma of unacceptable failure, role of fear in your land has to be finished to be another phase of African liberation, your current voice is a voice of next generation, your current ambition, it will be ambitious step for them in the current situation, itself journey towards the African liberation as the elder notified them at the beach of sad river.


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