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🔴Statement from Sudan Liberation Movement/ Army concerning the allegations of UNAMID head of mission in Darfur.  


 ● The media had reported a press released inked with the signature of UNAMID head of mission, Jeremiah Mambolo who was well known to us by vomiting his venom of baseless and unfounded accusations always in a tired repetitive pattern to depict SLA as forces spoil a peace that had never existed or felt one day by the victims. But this time Mr. Jeremiah prescribed SLA as forces that victimize the same people it stood to defend, an accusations that cannot be released by a layman, leave a lone the head of international mission, the movement has nothing to hide and therefore, request that fair and impartial investigation commission be sent to SLA controlled territories to refute Mamabolos’s unfounded unfounded cheer lies. It’s worth noting that Mr.Jeremiah issued his nonsense after UNAMID handed over its bases and assets to the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) militias Its true that UNAMID failed in its core mission and that to protect civilians and therefore, no need to keep a mission that had been highly ineffective and itself a threat to the safety and security of war victim, because of malpractice, cover ups, fabrication and continuous systematic refusal to apply chapter VII to protect the war victims. Hence ; should be dismantled, abolished, hybrid ended and a new full fleshed highly equipped and strong peace keeping mission established made of forces from countries willing to enforce chapter VII.

●Lastly; though the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army is a non – state army but will continue to abide by the civilized rules of war in accordance Geneva conventions.

Mohammed  Abdelrahman Elnair
The Spokesperson of Sudan Liberation Movement.



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