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🔴Essential points from the Video Recording of Sudan Liberation Movement’s Chairman Abdul Wahid Mohammed Ahmed Al Nour Concerning the ICC, Dated 15th of June 2020.

# We are requesting that justice to be done not only for Darfur’s  war victims, but also to include all martyrs of the successive Sudanese revolutions, thus fair justice must be inclusive to all families who lost their loved ones in order to bequeath intact,healthy and recuperative society.

# As all Sudanese people keenly followed the appearance of genocide suspect Ali Kushayb before the International Criminal Court ( ICC),and therefore I,as Sudan Liberation Movement’s  chairman wants to clarify the position of the movement regarding the ICC.

# we who sparked the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army revolution are all eyewitnesses to the genocide,war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by al Bashir regime in Darfur. And we reiterate that these crimes are committed by al Bashir regime, as before coming of his regime to power there are no militias in Darfur in particular, such as Janjaweed,Border Guards,Rapid Support Forces, and all these names to the militias  are not there.

# Before al Bashir regime created his militias,the entire Sudanese communities had lived in harmony and peaceful co- existence for centuries,even before the demarcation of the modern day Sudan. Furthermore;Darfur for instance,used to be an independent kingdom for thousands of years ,that its people with their different tribes and races are living together in peace and concord,at a time when even some societies in other countries failed to live in peace.

# Darfurian people centuries ago came up with and adopted Hawakeer system, its an ancient federal system that pre- existed the Sudanese state in which all Sudanese communities living in it ,are masters in handling their state affairs.

# when we rebelled against the Sudanese state ,we had in mind a national project to the whole country, thus we never targeted any tribe or ethnic group in Sudan,  as well as  religious,cultural and regional group. And its a well known fact that, we took up arms after the former president al Bashir explicitly said that ” we came to power through the barrel of a gun, and anybody wants to remove us from power has to take up arms”, accordingly, when it became beyond impossible to us to accept al Bashir regime’s system of governance, we took up arms. And we had  mentioned so many reasons before why we raised up arms,therefore, today I want squarely focus on the issue of the International Criminal Court ( ICC).

# when we overwhelmingly defeated the Sudanese Armed Forces on the battlefields, al Bashir regime,instead of targeting us as freedom fighters,had chosen to target the weakest element in Darfur and that, the Darfurian social fabric to this end,it divided the people into Blacks and Arabs, then armed some Arab tribes as well as some Arab leaders,these tribes were armed on a racial base, and therefore, the regime in its counter – insurgency programme ,carried out scorched earth policy campaign as the militias were attacking civilians on the ground,while government’s gunships and Antonovs bombarding the civilians population,and here I must seize this rare opportunity to salute local, regional and International NGOs,women and youth groups,human rights activists, and even some individuals who played a crucial  role in documenting these violations,killings, atrocities and massacres which was committed against Innocent civilians in Darfur,,and for sure  time will come,when I will mention the names of these organizations and individuals by name,and the humane and heroic role they played in  documenting thousands of villages which were burned to ashes,and hundreds of thousands innocent civilians that were  killed ,as well as the miseries and butcheries. Meanwhile;because we were so focus on targeting only the Sudanese armed forces,we were convinced from the outset that,what is al Bashir regime doing and employing in Darfur is genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity,thus we requested an independent investigation commission,like the rest of other Sudanese,though we are party to the conflict.

# The International Criminal Court (ICC) has nothing to do with politics, and its a court of justice, and because Sudan is a lawless state,which has no any rule of law especially during the former president al Bashir’s tenure,thus the case of Darfur was referred to the ICC by the U. N Security Council( resolution 1593) in 2005.The referral day was a very renowned day for the victims as they unanimously backed the move, and they had shown their full cooperation with the ICC, until the former head of state al Bashir was indicted by the ICC in 2008,then an  indictment was issued to three of the genocide suspects and finally to some of al Bashir’s entourage.

# Its true that today is a great moral victory day for the victims,that one of the suspects Willy nilly had shown up in the International Criminal Court (ICC), but to us as a movement the real culprits are, the former president al Bashir and his entire regime,the political Islam and the racist elitist mentality in Sudan.

# Ali Kushayb’s prosecution at the ICC  is not only a trial to Al Bashir’s regime, but also a prosecution to the elitist Sudanese state,which continued to commit war crimes in South Sudan since 1956.The state which its defense minister at that time once said ” in order to resolve the problem of South Sudan,we have to incinerate the entire South Sudan with its people, trees and any creature there”.The mentality of scorched earth policy, genocide and non acceptance of the indigenous races in Sudan, and this mentality and situation continued in the country,.Its worthy noting here that, the late president of Sudan Jaafar Nimeiry during his rule,never formed militias on a racial base to fight the insurgency with,and instead he attacked South Sudan  using only the armed forces. But immediately after Al Sadiq Al Mahdi came to the realm as Prime Minister of Sudan in 1986 {we in Sudan Liberation Movement continued to reaffirm that,Sudan’s problem is squarely the unspoken and the untold stories}, Al Mahdi during his tenure as Prime Minister, armed local tribal militias known as Murahaleen, he armed tribes against the other in order to put out the insurgency in South Sudan,and these tribes which he regrettably armed had peacefully coexisted for centuries without any disputes and with so many intermarriages between them,as social, economic and other interests had developed among them,and if any problem a rose, they amicably resolve it through their community elders,but Al Mahdi politicized these minor disputes in order to maintain his power,.he further did social break between these tribes as killing became normal and therefore some communities had completely vanished, and you all had about Al Daein Massacre in 1986 in which more than 1000 refugees from Dinka tribe were killed,accordingly al Bashir’s regime had completed what  Al Sadiq Al Mahdi already started.

# in this video recording I want to primarily focus on the atrocities of Darfur and the genocide which was  committed by al Bashir regime. Being an eyewitnesses to the genocide and the  crimes committed, we saw with our own eyes al Bashir regime dropping hail of bombs from the sky on civilians using Antonovs and gunships while its troops and paramilitary militias were attacking on villages densely populated by innocent civilians. Thus thousands of villages were burned to ashes and these villages which were completely destroyed  by the regime in his scorched earth policy campaign in Darfur we never approached them. In fact some of these innocent villagers they even never know that an insurgency exist in Darfur either, but because we the leaders of the movement racially belongs to them and al Bashir’s regime classification to us as blacks is enough to wipe out these innocent civilians from the surface of the earth. Meanwhile;in our liberation scheme against the state, we duly elucidated that, we are the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army and our project  had nothing to do with shortsighted and narrow regionalism.Moreover in our national project we continued to reiterate that,our objective is to liberate Sudan.Liberating Sudan from what? To liberate Sudan from the elitist mentality, that divides the nation into Blacks and Arabs,Muslims and Christians,Southerners and Northerners, westerners and Easterners,the mentality which divide the one nation along bilateral lines, we are fighting against these bilateral divisions. Nonetheless we fought and still fighting the mentality, but we never fought against certain races,individuals, cultures or for  regionalism ideas,because we as a movement belief that,we must achieve a real change in Sudan in order to create an equal citizenship rights state in Sudan.

# you have to know that, today in Darfur alone we have more than 6 million victims of war, 3 million IDPs and refugees inside the camps in Sudan and the neighboring countries namely Chad,Central Africa Republic and South Sudan,the other 3 million victims they are displaced but they are not residing inside the camps,and all of these victims are those who have their ancestors and  indigenous great – great parents were buried centuries ago in those villages which were destroyed and he can trace his ancestry.These villages were completely wiped out by government troops and its militias,and in order to finish off any reasons for future human existence in those villages and areas these militias not only loot, burn and destroy,but they kill with vengeance, such as throwing elders and children alive on the fire, break the locally made grain reservoirs known as  { Dabanga} then disperse the grain on the ground and mix it with the soil, so that it become impossible for anyone to pick it again,its al Bashir regime’s scorched earth policy in its complete version.

# I want the Sudanese masses to know that in Darfur there are millions of parents who saw their children killed in front of their eyes, and hundreds of thousands children who saw their parents being raped before their eyes. There are also thousands of mothers who saw their infants stabbed with bayonets and thrown a live on the fire.

# The perpetrators of the crimes used to live together with the victims for centuries peacefully, until al Bashir regime exploited the cheer  ignorance of the culprits and named them ” Arabs” and the victims ” Blacks”.Nevertheless; as a symbol to the ancient peaceful coexistence between the sedentary and pastoralist tribes of Darfur, Saeed Madib Nazir (Paramount chief) of Rizeigat tribe and Sultan Ibrahim Garad of the Fur tribe,they fought together against the slave trader al Zubeir Basha at Menawashei battle, south of al Fashir. Today; the notorious slave trader and the colonizer’s cooperative al Zubeir Basha had street named under his name in the downtown of Khartoum to symbolize racism,slavery and treachery.

# when we in Sudan Liberation Movement, requested that, justice must be done, and became very tenacious and strict on the issue of justice,but to us Ali Kushayb is someone who was been used, and if its an issue of Arabs and Blacks, my skin colour is more lighter than  Ali Kushayb’s,.But if you ask Kushayb why he killed all these innocent people ? he doesn’t know and he doesn’t know because there is someone came and used his ignoramus, and create for him a blind hatred that does not exist before,therefore Iam sure the genocide suspect Ali Kushayb which is know in the ICC, he and his relatives before 18 years ( before the genocide), their closest friends were the same people he committed genocide and war crimes against, those named to him as black people ( Arabic, Zurga),and therefore, Ali Kushayb is a tool and because we want to prosecute  the mentality which created Kushayb,thus al Bashir and his entourage must be handed over to the ICC.

# al Bashir’s regime expelled all the humanitarian aid groups from Darfur in order to starve the war victims to death,and today we have 154 camps for the IDPs and refugees in Sudan and the neighboring countries. These are genocide survivors who used to be producers and completely self – reliant people,who developed their mental and physical fortitude and practices that provide them their own needs without depending on outside sources,with their productive orchard gardens , fertile lands and animals they get everything they want. These people they used to be charitable people,who never stretch out their hands to others for alms.Regrettably; these people today,were being put in IDPs and refugees camps for 18 years, and you know what it means to be in IDPs and refugees camps. They were turned to beggars,living in an abject poverty, and these people constitute almost half population of Sudan if you consider their social extensions in other regions of Sudan.

# The genocide victims have deeper grown bitterness and pains in their hearts,because they saw al Bashir’s military arsenal annihilating them, which ought to protect them as citizens of the country, they have deeply rooted bitterness as they saw certain races killing them,while the rest of their Sudanese fellow country men and women stood aloof to prevent al Bashir’s regime from doing it,which clearly understood by the victims as an act of abetting the genocide. We as a movement strove hard to get rid of these bitterness and let them strictly understand that,its al Bashir and his regime killing them and also the elitist mentality which eliminate them, but we are not an angles to change the equation overnight.

# Because of racism, Islamic radicalism , religious bigotry and also our negligence,people of South Sudan were killed and massacred, and we in general as Sudanese drastically failed to stop these bloodbaths and protect them,and therefore; we are responsible for what they want through,as we cornered them between to secede or be governed by racially and religiously biased laws and Sharia laws,nonetheless the bulk of this responsibility primarily fall on the politicians of that time and to successive military and civil Sudanese regimes from the dawn of independence of Sudan until the secession of South Sudan during the ruling of former president al Bashir.

# justice at least creates readiness for the victims,their relatives,communities and generally to the oppressed communities of Sudan that,after all what happened the Sudanese people are prepared to accept the rule of law and that,there is punishment to the crimes committed in order to heal war  wounds, start fresh and make the hearts of the victims rest. And as we are aware, fair and impartial justice can not and will not happen in Sudan due to absence of rule of law and its  mechanisms of implementation. Image if June 3th massacre investigation committee until know could not release its results,which Iam sure the will not, and if released for one reason or another it will surely be pseudo and falsified results, so how can in such situation criminals of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity who committed myriads of massacres and bloodbaths and scorched earth policy be prosecuted ? Its beyond impossible.

# we as a movement solemnly appeal to the Sudanese people to unite in order not to let these implanted bitterness and pains tear our communities and the country apart,and frankly speaking, due to what the oppressed and war victims want through,there are people in the country fed up with staying in  a unified Sudan as you are seeing the people of the Nuba Mountain and the people of Eastern Sudan,because these people being kings and rulers of the past Sudan and who have outstanding and inveterate history with its deep -seated civilizations in Sudan. For instance,the ancestors of genocide victims of Darfur , used to have an independent state with its embassies in U.K, Cape Town, Cairo ,Turkey and in other parts of the world, and its not a secret that,the ancient Sultans of Darfur sultanate clothed the Holy Ka’abah (Mecca) for more than 450 years and today, they are dumped in death IDPs and refugees camps after their lands were usurped from them by new comers, so in summation; these people saw nothing good in Sudan after the departure of the colonial powers,except killing,displacement, starvation,humiliation and misery.

#  If we want to create a united Sudan its the responsibility of everybody, especially the Youth group ,the Kandakas and Al shafatah ( youth of the revolution), and I appeal to these groups in particular, because those who  pretend to be politicians, they simply don’t care and the compromised the fate of this country long time ago, and today they also want to let go the rest of the country,thus we are keen with the issue of justice to create readiness for voluntary unity and we are so determined on it and nothing can break our will to achieve it.

# we appeal to all Sudanese masses to stand united as one block in order to take perpetrators of genocide and war crimes to ICC, especially the planners and the real criminals, because we want to unite the Sudanese people at last, because all the inter tribal conflicts and disputes are something manufactured to keep the victims busy fighting among themselves in the periphery whilst the elites rule the country,thus there is no genuine problem between Blacks and Arabs or between the Nubians and their Arab folks.

# Nowadays there is a grave mistake been  committed by Juba piecemeal negotiators  both the government and the liberation movements and that is, they had initially agreed to enlist the issue of justice as one of the items to be negotiated on the table, which is legally null and void, because justice is a right of the victims and neither the government nor the liberation movement are victims of war. The leaders of the liberation movements have willy chosen to be servants to the cause, for instance; if I was killed in battle between the government’s troops and SLA forces Iam not a victim ,for its me who made the choice, accordingly, all the revolutionary leaders are not victims as they gave up themselves to the cause in order to bring people’s rights on one hand . On the other hand, the government has no right to claim the role of the victims, because if its a sovereign government which care for its citizens, it would not have committed genocide against them,using its lethal Chemical Weapons, and the killings  of the people still going even during this transitional period,so justice is strictly for the millions IDPs and refugees in the destitute camps, for the hundreds of thousands who were massacred as well as for those tens of thousands who were  being raped.

# we as a movement don’t have problem with the Sudanese judges and they had proven their competence, but we have a problem with the judiciary system in the country, is it independent, fair and impartial system that can implement the rule of law? If it was,it would have deterred al Bashir’s regime from committing the genocide, as by the rule of law no country has a right to annihilate its on population. So al Bashir and all the planners of genocide must be taken to the ICC.We want justice to be down in order to come up stronger from the ashes of genocide,misery after the  rivers of blood and tears. In Germany after the Nazi ideology was grossly defeated and the Nazi criminals were fairly prosecuted, Germany recuperated and today  is the strongest country in Europe. We also have an example in African, and that is Rawanda, after all Rwandan genocide criminals were nationally,regionally and internationally prosecuted, Rwanda today is in the lead and on its way to become regional superpower in Africa. We Sudanese,if we are to recover, recuperate and reconcile and to have a promising future after all what happened we have to do the same as these nations did.

# If we want to be tolerant and forgive we have to implement justice and justice is not a grant given to the people by someone it the victims’ right in which neither the politicians nor the government has a say in it.

# Nowadays there some Transitional Government officials making allegations that,they have agreed to hand over only the 5 suspected figures to the ICC,these are allegations devoid of any grain of truth, and as the genocide, scorched earth policy and the ethnic cleansing policy, all these Iam mentioning are policies contrived by the politicians and therefore the politicians of the Sudanese Islamist movement have to pay for their deeds. And openly speaking, We as a movement have only one thing in mind and that is, to fulfill justice and achieve rule of law state in Sudan and eventually realize the equal citizenship rights state to all Sudanese, regardless of their race, colour, gender.These noble values is what we strove for and is originating from our core beliefs, how we were brought up,in addition to; our imbued memory of how the state can be governed that we bequeathed from our ancestors, but those who are committing genocide they don’t have memory of state ruling.

# I don’t know what is the problem of Al Imam Al Sadiq Al Mahdi with the issue of justice.You Al Imam during your tenure, you are the one who first created the Popular Defense Forces ( PDF) militias, not only this but you have created Al Murahaleen militias that fought vicious war against South Sudan.And its Al Imam who declared to Al Khaleej newspaper that ” he is against President al Bashir’s indictment and to  hand  him over to ICC” after al Bashir’s indictment in 2008.Moreover; Al Imam Al Sadiq also made his discouraging renowned statement that ” President al Bashir is our skin and we will not drag him on the thorn” which explicitly understood that, those war victims who were massacred, raped and displaced by al Bashir   and now are in IDPs and refugees camps are not from Al Imam’s skin or next of kin therefore, they ought to be killed and annihilated. So those war victims who used to be your party loyalists are not your skin and your skin is only president al Bashir who killed them.

# on 14th of June 2015, Al Imam Al Sadiq sent a letter to the African Union and to South African government warning them against hand over of President al Bashir to ICC, when South African court called for arresting former president al Bashir,during the African Union summit and you all remember that.

# On 13th of June 2020, after Ali Kushayb was surrendered to the ICC, Al Imam came with the idea of restorative justice as a replacement to punitive justice,and clearly Al Imam wants to make the issue of justice  ” a political deal” .Mr. Al Imam you are not the late South African president honorable Nelson Mandela who was jailed by the apartheid system for 27 years and therefore, he won the trust and confidence of his people and he fought for the sake of his people, in contrast; you forgot about the Sudanese destitute people and you supported the genocidare al Bashir and today, you can’t dare to visit even a single IDPs camp of the war victims. Accordingly, if you finally fail to utter a decent word in solace with these genocide survivors,you had better keep your mouth shut, leave the victims a lone, their cause is in safe hands and justice must prevail soon or late.

# You Sudanese people we need to create the national unity through, letting everybody feeling that national unity in himself, and therefore; I seize this opportunity to call on all youth groups,resistance committees ,the Kandakas( the queen protesters) the Shafatah( youth of the revolution), Al Jeil Arakib Raasu ( the stiff necked generation).You have to form committees and go and tour the IDPs camps in Darfur, the Nuba Mountain and the Blue Nile,furthermore; visit the Sudanese refugees in the neighboring countries such as South Sudan,Republic of Chad, Kenya and the Central Africa Republic to see for yourselves how the IDPs and refugees are living and suffering. Let every IDP and refugee narrate to you his own personal story and how he became an IDP or refugee. Every IDP and refugee is storyteller with his own account of lamentable stories of sufferings,death squads,mass rapes  and missing death several times by inches.These innocent IDPs and refugees paid so dearly,because their only sin are, racially belonging to us,who took up arms against the state. We are quite sure that most Sudanese don’t have an accurate and real information about the life and sufferings of the IDPs and refugees; and that is why Al Imam Al Sadiq don’t feel the suffering of these people, because he sees them as not people from his race and to us all Sudanese are our races.

# If you are a leader and you don’t see the masses as one entity, you can’t be their leader,and that is why the Sudanese state became a failed state from the dawn of independence until now, because people like Al Imam and his likes are their leaders who divide the masses a long narrow ethnic lines in order to manipulate and rule them.Leaders who classify some people as their skin and others are not. To us the revolutionary generation of today, the former President al Bashir’s relatives and tribe are our skin, Ali Kushayb”s relative are our skin and even Kushayb himself is our skin. Nevertheless; everybody who committed a crime must face justice, and even us the revolutionary leaders are not exempted from justice. We are very proud to see justice prevail, and justice ought not to be politicized at all,and politicians have to cease their initiatives which aim at temper with justice or making it a deal,thus we appeal to all Sudanese people to back the ICC and support handing over of the perpetrators to the ICC, and we know full well that, they are people scared and paranoid by the ICC because its findings and verdict will prove the genocide, ethnic cleansing,war crimes and crimes against humanity, as well as other untold crimes.

# we don’t need to fear justice as most of the countries boldly faced their problems,but we Sudanese since 1956 we continued to run a way from our problems instead of facing them, address them in order to  recover. For instance, people of South Sudan were called slaves and named all bad names, and in fact, the country belongs to them, these people are ancestrally deeply rooted in Sudan more than anybody else,but because of our  injustices we forced them to secede from the rest of the country.

# If we want to build a  nation, and here Iam appealing to youth groups and the young generation who liberated themselves from racism and the ills of the older generation,we need to translate words into action in order to build a healthy nation and to take the lead in the Continent and the world at large,as we have what it takes to be prosper and great country, at least we will be a regional superpower and we have great potential and resources to achieve it. For we have the brains, we have good hearted people, but regrettably the good people are distancing themselves a way from politics and the worst of the worse are the ones joining politics from 1956 until now, time has come so that all of us must revolt for the implementation of justice, the real justice that will restore the rights and the dignity for the victims.


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