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Sudanese Refugees Organization in the Arab Republic of Egypt


Egypt is one of the signatory countries to the 1951 Convention and its 1967 Protocol, and of course in 1969. On the other hand, it has not yet established the national procedures for the sector. It is responsible for the 1954 decision with the Egyptian government with the competent authorities.
Egypt remains a transit country for refugees and asylum seekers and destination, Sudanese, Eritrean and Southern Sudanese children fleeing the scourge of armed robbery,
The events in Sudan of genocide, ethnic cleansing and rape since 2011 have resulted in the arrival of large numbers of Sudan to Egypt, Chad and Central Africa.
By the end of September 2013, UNHCR recorded more than 52,000. The number of Sudanese in need of assistance is estimated to reach 50,000 by the end of 2013 and more
AIDS. In addition, human rights organizations and illegal institutions can not be illegal, illegal, or illegal.

⌘ The Brotherhood in the Middle East: –
The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in the Middle East remains a human rights organization
Where the rights of refugees were adopted on 28 July 1951 by the United Nations Conference of Plenipotentiaries on Refugees convened by the General Assembly of the United Nations
Where are the rights of refugees adopted in the Convention Maximum Protection?
Where are the refugee rights adopted in ECENSE?
Where are the rights of the laagen adopted in the Convention on Energy Education
Where are the rights of refugees adopted in the official convention of social services and extortion
Including where rights by freedom of belief and safety from one place to another, the right to education, travel documents, and employment opportunities.

⌘ We are refugees affected: –
Worshiping the blood of those who died carelessly in hospitals across (sick death events.
We appeal to the international community, the African Union, the European Union and all human rights organizations with a living conscience to take urgent measures to rescue Sudanese adults in Egypt and to point out Iraq’s plan of local decline and the regions that are causing their decline in the arid areas of security inside Khartoum and other areas in Sudan.
When the General Assembly of the United Nations becomes equally qualified by foreign officials as terrorists to obtain refugee status in the name of Laji in favor of his mission in other countries.

We call upon the international community to fulfill its humanitarian obligations.
– We call on the European Union and the African prisoners.

Media Office of the Sudanese Liquidation Authority in Egypt.
Date 23/11/2018


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