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*SPLM-N* *Delegation* *Leaves* *Addis* *Upon* *Concluding* *the* *Consultative* *Meetings* *With* *AUHIP*

The SPLM-N  delegation chaired by SPLM/A-N Deputy Chairman & Deputy C-in-C Lieutenant general Joseph Tukka Ali and comrade Ammar Amoun Daldoum, SPLM-N Secretary General as a member left the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa on Thursday 13 Nov 2018 upon conclusion of the consultative meetings held with AUHIP. The meetings were held following an official invitation extended by AUHIP Chief of Staff Mr. Abdul Mohammed to the signatories of the Road Map Agreement (RMA) on 26 Nov 2018. The invitation was based on the letter of President Thambo Umbeke sent to SPLM-N Chairman on 25 Sept 2018.

Our delegation officially notified the Panel of SPLM-N’s consistent and declared position on the amended RMA, where the RMA  itself is considered by SPLM-N dead and outdated and no longer valid as a basis for any negotiation that aims at solving Sudan’s problem. Accordingly, SPLM-N  calls for adopting new and realistic arrangements.

SPLM-N also notified the Panel of its position where it rejects the constitutional dialogue which is based on the outcomes of the so-called the National Dialogue, and that SPLM-N is not concerned with participation in 2020 elections drama. It is the same position that was clearly expressed by SPLM-N Chairman in his written reply which was handed to President Umbeke in Johannesburg  on 27 Oct 2018 regarding the proposed amendments to the RMA.

The recent consultations with AUHIP in Addis Ababa resulted in the acceptance of our delegation to continue bilateral consultative meetings with the Panel until when joint understandings that can lay a basis for any future negotiation are reached.

SPLM-N delegation also held several meetings with a number of peace envoys and ambassadors of different states on the sidelines of the consultative meetings.

It is worth mentioning that the government delegation to Addis Ababa chaired by Dr. Faisal Ibrahim was unfortunately sticking to its outdated agenda and old negotiating positions. However, SPLM-N would like to declare that it is not concerned with the statement made by the government’s chief negotiator in this regard.

It is also worth mentioning that the consultative meetings in Addis Ababa were bilaterally held and concluded without any direct engagement that could bring the signatories of the RMA together with the Panel.

*Jack* *Mahmud* A.  *Jack*
Spokesperson for SPLM-N Negotiating Team

Friday, 14 Dec 2018


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