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Coordination of Karari Resistance Committees

Important Statement

We don’t disagree
We are the ones who decide
We will be on time
We either win or die

Glory salute to those whose blood spilled on the soil of the country to beget a generation that builds edifices of justice and achieves the principle of transparency and integrity, who also raise the banners of freedom and sing the songs of peace, our living martyrs. It is also to those who seek freedom for the detainees and the missing people who moan in their loneliness and their enforced disappearance.

Salute for the rebels of Karari who are staying in the streets to clinch a right and a victory that generations and history books will retell. We will inevitably pay the price for ending forever the military coups. Definitely, we have no path to follow except the path of our righteous martyrs.

To the masses of the Sudanese revolution at home and abroad:
Concerning the framework of direct communication with the masses, the visual media and radio local or global, we say that we are keen to know the facts from our official sources, and to avoid the hijacking of our independent voice, we had to have a mandate in the name of a coordination, reviewed according to the democratic collective opinion, we have chosen the rebel Sajda Elmubarak as an official spokesperson on behave of Coordination of Karari Resistance Committees.

It should be noted that any manifesto or statement not issued through our official informational sources (Facebook ،twitter… etc.) or our spokesperson, it should not be connected to us, nor our responsibility.

The authority is the people’s authority, the revolution is a people’s revolution, the military should go to the barracks, and the Janjaweed should be dissolved.

Information and media Office.
3nd February 2022


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