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“Rapid Support and the Scandal of Forced Recruitment of Children” Written by Osman Gasm Alsaed

I am really surprised by the presence of a human rights and child protection unit with the so-called rapid support forces and headed by a person with the rank of a team called Nour El-Din Ahmed, although I do not know personally what is the purpose of having a unit of rapid support in the name of the human rights and child protection unit, and I do not find an explanation for that  Because the Rapid Support, since its establishment in 2006, was established in order to kill everyone against the former regime and any paid person. Rapid Support also practices human trafficking, which is the sale of children as fighters in Yemen, Libya and inside Sudan.
This is not a slander, as evidenced by the 2020 Annual USA Trafficking in Persons Report, a paid report issued by the State Department’s Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons, the office that leads the administration’s global efforts to combat modern slavery by prosecuting traffickers and protecting  victims and prevent human trafficking.
The report revealed that the Rapid Support Forces recruited children to break up the sit-in of the General Command in 2019, as it referred to reports by international organizations that “the Rapid Support Forces, under the previous government led by the Military Council, had recruited children in May 2019 to disperse the anti-government crowds by force in June 2019.”  He added that observers had noted “that the government armed forces under the former regime recruited and used child soldiers from 2011 to 2017 and in 2019”.  He also revealed the testimonies of sources that “corrupt officials in the Rapid Support Forces benefited financially from their role as border guards and took a direct role in human trafficking.”

Al-Naqari revealed that Saudi Arabia “paid the salaries of recruits, supported, trained, and commanded the Rapid Support Forces” participating in the war.  RSF-linked officers received bribes from families “to allow minors to serve as combatants in Yemen.”  The report said that Saudi officers trained and exercised tactical control over some units of the Rapid Support Forces participating in the war, and that the Saudi government “provided salaries, uniforms, weapons and training to Sudanese fighters in Yemen, including children between the ages of 14 and 17.”  ) in general”.
And the biggest disaster for the New York Times report, which interviewed fighters from the Rapid Support Forces in 2018, revealed that a large percentage of the participating forces in Yemen are children, and some of them reported that it reached (40) percent, while others reported that the percentage of children in Yemen  The ranks of the forces amount to about (20) percent of those who participate in combat roles in the Yemen war

Today, the major scandal, a Sudanese court decided to transfer one of the accused in the crime of killing protesters in El Obeid, North Kordofan, to the Child Court, because the accused was young and did not reach the legal age, and that his age at the moment of committing the crime, along with others, did not reach the age of 18, meaning he was 16 years old at the time.  This is irrefutable evidence that the Rapid Support Forces are recruiting underage children in their ranks, which is a violation of international covenants and treaties that prohibit the recruitment of children, forced recruitment and crimes of human trafficking and placing the entire government of Sudan under international law.

I say it frankly and without any courtesy and without any leniency. The recruitment of children must be stopped immediately, otherwise we will resort to the competent international courts, and what is the most free legal support in such cases.
Stop recruiting children or bear the consequences of all the crimes committed by these children on your orders. You could have built and built schools for these children from their natural resources that you use instead of using them as raw human resources in human trafficking and selling them as mercenary soldiers.
There is no excuse for those who have been warned, as the recruitment and sale of children is a crime of human trafficking and a heinous crime that is prohibited internationally.


And for the rest of the story
Written by Osman Gasm Alsaed

# So that they don’t think that we are accusing them arbitrarily
Attached to you is the annual report of the United States of America on human trafficking for the year 2020, as well as the report of the New York Times, which conducted interviews with fighters from the Rapid Support Forces in 2018,

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