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Father of the mirage(97)

Hassan Ahmed
The National pain returns to the elder again, it can’t foil restoration of the revolution at this crucial period, this allows him to rethink critically, then puts evaluation of his journey towards shaky destiny, the sad river is saying, this is not his own journey, it is a journey of the people, all people regardless anything, he does this task freely, he knows well, you could fight for the all, don’t wait for feedback at this moment, his next move like past move, it never differs because of changeable situation.

He returns from a valley of hopelessness, after long days of self-isolated, he spent them manage himself individually, he is keeping push his agenda to come true the expected victory, the hope and ambition of people are stoppable, the people of liberation have strong word never kneels down, they tried and trying now, but, what is the result?, their result against the people, it has knelt down already, Africa is a place of liberation attempts, the sad river wants to remind him that, they took the decision as a decisive decision to penetrated a cemented wall of the oppressor.

The road is paved for thorns, the journey became complicated, but, this a deliberate obstruction doesn’t prevent them from the movement of the people, he constructed it to them in Africa, he sings to himself, the elder, I feel happiness, I feel happiness, I feel happiness, the hope moves inside me, the golden rain bow moves to move, until the rains cry on me, I am still here, I am still alive, why do want to prepare my cemetery?, I feel happiness moves inside me, this is a suitable time for urgent cemetery for me in Africa.


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