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Father of the mirage(54)

Hassan Ahmed 
However, the notebook of the elder father clarifies the African of political fallacy, the people should separate between the internal marriage of politics, this weeding certificate of temporary wedding, it should be nullified, this political marriage caused this eternal African headache to us, we have not to this failed certificate, it always justified for the injustice, inequality, the historic wound has not been healed, this is temporary weeding might been eliminated, what would we get from it?, the elder notifies, nothing useful, it is a harvest of the despair, it is a harvest of repent, it is a harvest of African divisions, it is a harvest of civil wars, it is a harvest of a free killing, we kill each other, the same people who have done that, they sing the National anthem of state together, at the same queue, really, who are we?, the elder just wants to face this issue of his great motherland.

Meanwhile, he prepares the land for the expected successful seasons, he knows how to use the best seeds to give successful feedback, you might know and realize your fertile land, it needs to useful people, you can’t prepare well, then you will harvest the nothing, try to avoid the deteriorated location, you should invest in the fertile ground, it is only result to your people, it is your time to say the word that history will write for down, let the truth be factual, at the end of the day, your next generations, they will harvest your fertile seeds, you have planted them to them.

That successful season, it was not for your purpose, it was for them, the elder father looks forward to notify them, what you notice now, it is a fake series of the truth, notice your historical series in the books, notice your historical series in the archives, notice your historical series in the daily newspapers, what do you notice? , will you notice the historic fallacy of yours?, if you notice it , you will take a serious decision to drop the fallacy down, the elder father wants you to liberate that dark lane of inherited ignorance, this elder deserves one of us might take his noticed seriously.



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