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Father of the mirage (14)

Hassan Ahmed
Around mid of night, the time was a very lazy, everything is lazy, life’s movement adopted culture of careless, life’s details also adopted the same behavior, this behavior transferred from to door to door, office to office, road to road, school to school, then doesn’t have a desire to stop, at this disastrous standard, it has transferred to the minds, minds of people, what you read or watch, and then feel it, it is just some thing different, this is what the father of nightmare always says, feels, worries him.
When you don’t found the daily system of life, you might not trust it, some one founded it, then gave you the orders to obey it, with out any question, however, the group of interests persists to go head, although, it contains of misunderstand, misinterpretation, the revision should be A National issue, not outside issue.

Whatever, this incidence stagnated, the day of its reform, it will factual, yes, life is a continuous trip, we don’t hear one day the life has been stuck, what has been always stuck the National reforms, the internal destruction, because of that, our dream should be taken from the life continuous, in it our slogan of concrete reform, this daily saying of the revolutionary elder.


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