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Statement by the Sudan Call on the Sudanese Peace Process

As the main Sudanese opposition alliance of armed and unarmed forces, the Sudan Call would like to meet the African Union High Level Implementation Panel (AUHIP) at an early opportunity to discuss the way forward on the peace process. As President Mbeki has been to Khartoum twice in recent months for meetings with the Government of Sudan, it is only fair that he should also meet the Sudan Call so that he is fully informed of its joint position before he briefs the African Union Peace and Security Council.

The Sudan Call remains committed to the Road Map Agreement which it signed in Addis Ababa on 8 August 2016. This commits all parties to a process for ending the conflicts in Sudan and providing the people of Sudan with a truly inclusive, credible and comprehensive national dialogue process to address the challenges facing the country.

The Sudan Call is ready to implement the Road Map Agreement in good faith on the basis of the understandings it sought from the Panel in its letter to President Mbeki of 22 July 2016. The Sudan Call made clear in this letter and in its subsequent press statement of 8 August 2016 that it would only be willing to take part in a national constitutional dialogue if a satisfactory agreement could be reached with the Government of Sudan on how to end the war, deliver humanitarian relief to the war affected populations, establish  a framework for conducting a genuine dialogue and create a conducive environment, including basic freedoms.

Instead, the Government of Sudan went ahead and concluded its own dialogue on 10 October 2016. Far from creating a more conducive environment, the Government of Sudan has continued to commit atrocities against civilians in the conflict-affected zones, restrict basic freedoms and violate human rights.

The Sudan Call does not concur with some of the points mentioned in the AU’s statement of 10 April 2017 and would welcome the chance to discuss these with the Panel.

Sudan Call leaders therefore renew their request to meet the AUHIP as soon as possible so that the views of all parties are taken into account in the Panel’s deliberations on the way forward.

Signed by :

1- Civil Society Initiative  CSI

2- National Umma Party NUP

3- Sudan Call Parties SCP

4- Sudan Revolutionary Front SRF-A

5- Sudan Revolutionary Front SRF-B

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