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Mr. Omer is an ideologue of the Muslim Brotherhood

Mr. Omer is an ideologue of the Muslim Brotherhood and a long-time member of the National Congress Party (NCP), which is responsible for the death, injury and displacement of millions of Sudanese under the leadership of an internationally indicted criminal.
Mr. Omer has personally overseen the passage of repressive legislation that has eroded the basic human rights and the civil rights of the Sudanese in addition to entrenching policies that destroy and marginalize the country’s institutions and more importantly, its citizens.

During Mr. Omer’s tenure as the Minister of Higher Education (1990-96 and 1997-2000), he devised and oversaw the policy of forced conscription of Sudanese high school students in what was called the Popular Defense Forces. High school graduates were not allowed to enroll in college in Sudan or abroad without first completing training camps of indoctrination and military training. Some of these students became suicide bombers, known as tank busters, during the civil war in southern Sudan.


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