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*Saudi authorities arrested*

*Saudi authorities arrested*

*Mr. Aladdin alldefinah*

Of underlying is not the first and will not be the last

Saudi authorities have been active in recent times against the arrest of Sudanese opponents of the government, and because of the security agreement between the Government of Sudan and the Saudi monarchy

Saudi Arabia and thus have exceeded all laws and norms of the internationally agreed and so opposed to the extradition of the Bashir regime to their governments

We appeal to all liberals of the world of solidarity with activists and owners of pens free of Solidarity with the writers and activists and Sudanese politicians, including Ali and professor of underlying Aladdin and the girl’s father martyred Talia

The Saudi regime has become a target directly Sudanese people living in Saudi Arabia and this is very dangerous

Yes to besiege all the embassies of Saudi Arabia pauses protest calls will continue until our people in its affairs


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