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Statement from Sudan Liberation Movement / Army concerning the ongoing aggression at Jebel Moon of west Darfur.

The Sudan Liberation Movement/ Army chaired by Abdul Wahid Mohammed Ahmed Al Nour (SLM/A- AW) had been following with great concern the ongoing disastrous and escalated aggression that, taking placing at Jebel Moon locality in west Darfur since 17th of November 2021, in which tens of innocent civilians were killed and injured, and thousands others were displaced, while more than 13 villages were burned to ashes and prosperities and livestock were looted. The incidents of killings, violence, rape, detentions and arbitrary arrests and forcible disappearances had rapidly increased after the coup of general al Burhan on 25th of October 2021.

These ongoing attacks and crimes since 2003 in Darfur, and the phenomenon of security chaos, extrajudicial killings, arming of the militias by the government, poking of racial and tribal conflicts and fostering divide and rule policies to instigate fighting among the homogeneous communities who lived together peacefully in Darfur region for hundreds of years. However; this explosive and miserable situation is an omen to imminent humanitarian catastrophe and total collapse of the situation in Darfur. Accordingly; the Sudan Liberation Movement/ Army would like to assert the followings:

1-     The Sudan Liberation Movement/ Army condemn and reprehend in strongest terms the ongoing heinous crimes perpetrated against defenseless innocent civilians with direct involvement and support of some governmental parties.

2-    The movement hold the government in Khartoum and its organs in Darfur region, fully responsibly for these aggressions and crimes, and we further demand that, Khartoum government immediately stop arming of its militias and manufacturing conflicts that, threaten the unity and peace of Darfur.

3-     These repeated incidents confirm what the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army said before, that the so- called Juba peace agreement will not bring peace and stability to Darfur and Sudan as it drastically failed to address the root causes to the conflict, and instead; addressed the petty demands of the signatories to the agreement.

4-    Over the years we warned and pleaded not to withdraw UNAMID mission prematurely, clearly seeing the security vacuum that would ensue and that will endanger the lives of defenseless civilians  and moreover; encourage government  troops and its militias to commit more atrocities, and today; we have the grim incontrovertible proof.

5-    The ongoing Jebel Moon locality aggression as well as well as the attacks in other areas in Darfur are not tribal conflicts between the pastoralists and farmers as some claim, but rather, its Khartoum government commissioned attacks against the people of Darfur to complete the last phase of genocide and change the demographic composition in the region in order to seizure the land and the resources.

6-    We appeal to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and the international community to protect civilians in Darfur, and not only to reconsider withdrawal of UNAMID mission; but also to establish a viable, competent and well – trained international forces under chapter VII of the UN charter capable to implement the stringent rules of engagement in its mission for protecting innocent civilians from government and militias’ attacks and to stop the ongoing incinerations and genocide in Darfur.

Lastly; the Sudan Liberation Movement/ Army, extend its deepest condolences to families  of the martyrs who lost their loved ones during Jebel Moon locality aggression and the other areas of Darfur region and wish quick and swift recovery to all those injured , and wish safe and dignified return to all the displaced.


Mohammed Abdelrahman Elnair

The Spokesperson of the Sudan Liberation Movement

1st of December 2021.

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