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Where is Sudan heading? Written by Osman Gasm Alsaed

The stage we are going through today is a pivotal stage in the modern history of Sudan. It has not happened that Sudan has gone through the twists and turns it is going through today, but in the end, the will of the masses remains the final decision in this conflict, which seems to be some of it or most of it is fabricated with angry crowds that organized all cities  Sudan has taken a decisive stance towards democracy and civility in the coming state, and the military must hand over power to civilians.

And I think that the next stage is a very sensitive stage that requires the unification of the Sudanese political forces, but I do not see the horizon in light of the exchanged political discourses in light of the operations of treason and counter-treason.

There are great international and regional pressures on the two parties to the effect that they must sit at the dialogue table and they must reach common denominators to get out of this dark tunnel.

The main disagreement of the political parties in Sudan is between the military and civilians, and everything that is happening now in the Sudanese arena is well planned and arranged in order for matters to reach the depths of the bottle and for the current crisis that Sudan is experiencing to occur.  For the expected coup, it was the spark of the crisis and the card through which they tried to feel the pulse of the masses…

But the awareness of the masses was greater than the perceptions of the existing leaders. Events fell apart after that, and the events of Port Sudan began, which are fabricated and unreal events, because the Beja officials do not have the right to talk about the fate of the entire Sudan, but rather they are regional demands with regard to development, reforms and the region’s share in wealth and power….

The whole world knows the geopolitical importance of Sudan and the great potentials that Sudan possesses. It is sad that the people of Sudan who are ignorant of these primary facts that they should have preserved.. This deliberate omission or that leads to goals or objectives that they hope to achieve on the Sudanese political reality is what made  The interest of others in Sudan is greater than the interest of the Sudanese political elites, and voices come out here and there that speak of dissolving the government, and it is at the same time at the heart of this government. And here I was always asking why she did not submit her resignation from this government if they had any credibility?

But it seems, as the English say, “Power is an incurable disease,” meaning that each person clings to the position he is in for the sake of more gains at the expense of the people and according to the country.

With an event on the anniversary of the October Revolution (October 21) across the country, these messages are very important for everyone who is interested in the matter and they must read these messages with the utmost accuracy and with the utmost open thought and mind through which they can reach objective results.  Because the government’s solution that the other side is asking for, I do not think it is the lifeline that brings Sudan out of this crisis.

The will, in the end, is the will of the masses of the Sudanese people, which will not accept from any party to fill them with their demands..

The crisis that God has afflicted us with in Sudan (the crisis of the Sudanese elites) is a group of parties, a group of aspirants, and a group of even the downtrodden.

There is a plan. This plan has made great strides. The Sovereignty Council is not far from the scene. There is a movement of things from behind, so the palace sit-in is the biggest testimony that indicates behind the curtain what is behind it..

The remnants and remnants of the overthrown, ousted al-Bashir regime seek a scenario of dragging Sudan into Saddam, slipping and dragging people into violence… And that there be a measure of war between the Sudanese themselves, and that more blood sheds, as the blood is not new to them, as happened in the dispersal of the sit-in by the General Command stands as a very great witness to  The bloody junta that dominates and dominates matters in Sudan now, and I believe that neither the Sudanese interior nor the regional environment nor the international community allows this absurdity to continue as it is..

I am not worried about what will come, because I am betting on the awareness of the youth who blew up this booming and blessed revolution, and I believe consciously and uniting the youth towards certain goals is the only guarantee for achieving the civil and democratic transition of Sudan

And the military must understand the messages that reached their mail on the October anniversary that their presence is not welcome and that they cannot impose their dictates on the Sudanese street.  More than one station and more than one position, it was always victory for youth, awareness and will.

Written by Osman Gasm Alsaed

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