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⚫Message of Solidarity to French Republic in the Wake of Nice Terror Attack (October, 29th, 2020)

The leadership of the Sudan Liberation Movement unequivocally condemns the latest terrorist outrage by a Salafist extremist that claimed the lives of three peaceful French citizens in the brutal knife attack in the Notre-Dame Basilica in the Southern French city of Nice.That it follows so soon after the ghastly terrorist murder of Samuel Paty, is a terrible blow to the French people and its democracy. We share in the sense of indignation and horror all decent and humane French citizens, regardless of class, race, creed or religion, feel. We express our heartfelt condolences to those left bereaved who lost loved ones in a temple of peace. Equally we praise the swift and decisive action taken by the French police intervention team to stop the terrorist assailant. 
As victims of an ongoing genocide in Darfur, rationalized on the basis of racism and reactionary precepts of  Islamist extremism, we shudder that the attacker as he spilled the blood of innocents shouted “God is Great!” As the ideological, moral and spiritual antithesis of Salafis, our brethren who strive to forge a secular democracy in Sudan, as adherents of the progressive and ecumenical tradition of Sufism, the true core of the message of love of Islam, alongside our Kujur Animist and minority Christian comrades, will never comprehend committing murder invoking the name of a universal deity of peace, mercy and tolerance, that binds all Abrahamic faiths. Muslims, Christians and Jews, we are all three children of Abraham and all of us who do not and can never embrace the pathologies of hatred and Neo-fascist currents that poison the hearts and minds of extremists in our midst, disfiguring the inviolate sacredness of the teachings of the Holy Koran, Bible and Talmud, that transcend all sectarianism, must always stand united against the scourge of terrorism. In the values of a pluralist, diverse, secular and democratic society France embodies, such vile and bloody minded fanaticism has no place.Nor does it have any place in the struggle our movement serves longing to bring forth a free society and impartial, democratic governance to Sudan, for all of our people, not just a few, no matter which tribe, hue of skin or belief, so long as it does not infringe upon the inalienable human and civil rights of others.
We are grateful for the support and sanctuary the French nation has shown us throughout our long battle for human dignity and freedom from fear and oppression. We share in your grief and sense of shock as your adopted brothers and sisters in a common human family of all civilized peoples, and we extend our deepest solidarity to all the French nation. We know you will not allow this incident to polarize your society further and let it play into the hands of other extremists, that like Salafis seek to destroy the rational center and common tolerant ground that anchors your democrac, menacing the best values you have upheld as one of the mothers of all democracies; despite your own difficult past historical chapters, in particular the Second World War, Vichy collaboration, complicity in the Holocaust and Nazi occupation. It is the spirit of Free France that resisted then to restore your glory and honor as a nation that will see you through. We are certain you will not surrender the values of 1789 and destroy democracy in order to preserve it, precisely because you are the France we love and admire. In the spirit of democracy we will stand side by side with you, always. VIVE LA FRANCE! 
With deep sorrow for your loss and deep affection for the French nation and all its people, we wish you strength, resolve and fraternity. 
Abdul Wahid al Nur, Chairman, Sudan Liberation Movement and Commander in Chief, Sudan Liberation Army


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