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DARFUR Union in the UK: Fatou Bensouda – ICC Prosecutor Khartoum Visit; a Great First Step Towards Justice for the Victim of Genocide in Darfur. Here are the Demands

Such a rapid turns of events in Sudan since 11 April 2019; Bashir was ousted from the top seat and he was placed in Kubar correctional facility, for corruption. His 76 years on earth was enough to grant him a place in the correctional facility instead of the prison based on the justice system in Sudan and the over seventies.
Miss Fatou’s visit to Khartoum which was reported by Middle East Newspaper (ref. 1) is of quite significance for multiple reasons;
* First Sudan and international community relations are in the right direction particularly with EU, a big advocate of ICC, therefore for Sudan to agree to host ICC delegates is further assurance of some transition in the country;
* Secondly, the peace agreement signed in Juba on October 3rd 2020 (ref. 2), irregardless of whether it is finished article, is a step towards transition and stability in DARFUR, a region that is torn apart by heinous crimes and systematic negligence and deprivation by the power in the centre of Sudan throughout the history post independence. Justice was at the helm of the demand of the people. One of the first announcement that came during the negotiations of the justice paper was the commitment made by the negotiating parties (transitional government of Sudan (TGOS) and Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF)) that Bashir and fellow ICC indictees will be handed to the court (ref. 3). The Delay of this case post Bashir Era was clearly due to the fact that some of the political parties in Khartoum were regarding the ICC case as a footnote in Sudan narrative. Not only that, they have prioritise the corruption cases against Bashir, and the 1989 coup over genocide, the ongoing genocide. Therefore one of the importance of peace is to have a new powers that are pushing for the demands of the people to be realised.
* Thirdly, the case of Omar Bashir, Abdelraheem Mohammed Hussien, Ahmed Haroun and Ali Mohammed Abdelrahman (Kushyab) at the ICC is an issue that unit the people of DARFUR, people that suffered serious crimes in the region, including genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. It was mentioned this morning in Middle East Newspaper that Miss Bensouda in a three-day visit to Khartoum to Meet with PM Abdulla Hamadok, head of sovereign council Al-Burhan, justice minister Nasr Eldin Abdulbari and some civil society organisations. The change that happened in Sudan must cater for the victims of the Bashir and his fellow ICC inductees.

The people  of DARFUR need closure and that could only be achieved via accountability of the head figures of the perpetrators and also via following demands from the transitional government of Sudan.

DARFUR is the longest ongoing genocide in recent history. Half a million killed and 3.5 millions refugees and millions of internally displaced persons. Genocide, war crime and crimes against the humanity were committed by the government of Omar Bashir.
Below are some of the perpetrators and masterminds behind the heinous crimes.
* Omar Bashir – former / ousted president of Sudan. He was indicted by the International Criminal Court for 2 counts of genocide, 5 counts of war crimes and 3 counts of crimes against the humanity (ref. 4). He is still at LARGE and resides in Kober “correction facility” because of his age and due to the lack of collaboration of the transitional government of Sudan with the ICC.
* Abdel Raheem Muhammad Hussein (former defence & interior minister). Charges: 7 counts of crimes against humanity and 6 counts of war crimes (ref. 5). He is still at LARGE and resides in Kober prison due to the lack of collaboration of the Transitional government of Sudan with the ICC.
* Ahmad Muhammad Harun (former government official, governor of states and executive coordinator on the ground. Chargers: 20 counts of crimes against humanity and 22 counts of war crimes (ref. 6). He is still at LARGE and resides in Kober prison due to the lack of collaboration of the Transitional government of Sudan with the ICC.
* Ali Muhammad Ali Abd-Al-Rahman (Kushyib), commander and head of pro government militia and coordinator on the ground between militias and army. He surrendered himself to the authority in Central Africa Republic (CAR), then to the international troops, then he was transferred to Le Hague where he is at the custody of the ICC (ref. 7). The initial appearance of Kushyib before the ICC took place on 15th June 2020. The opening of the confirmation of charges hearing is scheduled provisionally for 7th December 2020.

Darfur Union the UK demands the following from the transitional government of Sudan.
1. To officially invite the ICC DARFUR investigation team to the country and GRANTING them full access, security and freedom of movement, to conduct further investigations regarding the genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity.
2. In parallel, immediate handover of Bashir and other wanted persons to ICC for them to face justice at Le Hague
3. For the peace agreement that was signed recently to reach the ground and to make sure that the root cause of the issue is addressed; otherwise the region are back to square one. This should be upmost priority for the state. Without implementation of peace, the imbalance of power with continue to tip the scale as since 1956, which keep resulting more heinous crimes against certain region in Sudan. Implementation of the agreement is key. Implementation of the agreement is king.
The outcome of Bensouda visit to Khartoum will be eagerly awaited and monitored by the victims and the friend of justice around the globe. The ball will be in the court of the TGOS to make a move and hand the Génocidaires, Bashir and co. to ICC.

Osama Mahmoud
Head of Comms.
Darfur Union in the UK
Website: https://darfurunionuk.wordpress.com
Email: darfurunionintheuk@gmail.com
Twitter handle: @darfurunionuk

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