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The initial of peace signed today between transitional government of Sudan and the SPLM-N- SRF of Malik Agar.

I personally consider today’s agreement as new way of declaration of another genocides to Sudanese citizens a cross the countrywide, so those  who are cerebrating they should be careful because it is not first agreement which has been signed in Sudan since Independence up to date, more than forty-five agreements has been dishonored. To me this agreement is frail than even CPA, I see what took place recently in different parts of Sudan whereby over 300 people killed in Darfur the SPLM-N- SRF  group did not even condemn these atrocities and today they are celebrating the fake peace which could cause more  pain on the Sudanese people.

So the peace that has been signed today it has nothing to do with the root causes of the Sudanese problems, simple because this show SPLM-N-SRF  group are just after the position that is why they are part of the transitional government  So they were just buying time and trying to mobilize the weak supporters that love money and position like them. Sudanese people suffered for many decades, today we can’t accept to be cheated by these wrong politicians that their aims are defined as business enterprises.

To my dismay, and  well convinced that this peace will create more instability than before. As stated by Dr. John Garang, ” war is better than bad peace”!

Our beloved Sudanese masses, SPLM-N under leadership of Al-Hilu is firm and strong 💪 to it’s position and committed to the vision that aimed at addressing the historical Sudanese crisis once and for all. Therefore, I urge  my fellow citizens at all states to be patient and not to accept this fake and useless agreement because it is only for the benefits of the self centered groups.

Struggle continues and Victory is certain!
By comrade Juma


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