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Hamdok is a hoax!

The past 10 months have already proved beyond doubt. It doesn’t need a genius to see it. It didn’t need a genius to foresee it right from the beginning. But some people do not recognize a wall as a wall until they slam their faces on it. Let them not to worry; it is just a matter of a few steps in the very coming months and they will smash their heads and faces against the wall of the truth. And the truth is that Hamdok is a BIG hoax!

One may wonder, who are those steering him from afar and in hide? International imperialism indeed! Another may wonder about his reward. Well, the reward for selling out his country? First the 5 million pounds of Mo Ibrahim Foundation, second, the future secretary general of the UN.
And he has swallowed the bait up to the string!
Nothing is more truthful than the saying of Mahmud Muhammad Taha about the Sudanese people with regard to their leaders: a gigantic people led by dwarves! With utmost respect to those of physically low stature, the idiom is right hitting the nail on the head.
12 July 2020


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