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Sudan Liberation Movement/Army Response to Head of UNAMID’S Press Release

Sudan Liberation Movement/Army Response to Head of UNAMID’S Press Release

When the Sudan Liberation Movement led by Minni  Minnawi (SLM-MM), Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North( SPLM-N) and  Justice and Equality Movement (JEM); on 31st of October 2016 joinetly delcared tripartite extension of unilateral cessation of hostilities; the UNAMID’s Joint Special Representative, Mr. Martin Uhomoibhi  seized the opportunity  to commend on the decision taken by the three armed movements  and called upon the leader of Sudan Liberation Movement Abdul Wahid  to make similar declaration and to make peace strategic choice for the movement. Therefore; the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army chaired by Abdul Wahid Mohammed Ahmed Al-nour , would like to clarify the following points:-     


1-      The just lasting and sustainable peace had always been the strategic perority to  Sudan Liberation Movement/army. Its good intentions started since Abeche(1) and Abeche (2) in 2003, Ndjamena (1) and Ndjamena(2), in 2004, then followed by consecutive seven rounds of peace talks in Abuja in 2005-2006. The movement sought genuine and lasting peace during long run negotiations with the regime, until it became clear to that  the Islamists ruling regime  in Khartoum has never been serious to address the root causes to the conflict that will bring comprehensive and sustainable peace to Sudan; but merely seeking peace of positions that solves certain individuals problems  but not the problem of the country.


2-     The Sudan Liberation Movement / Army is very clear, on its vision; the  prerequisites  and the steps towards comprehensive peace; through genuine political transformation. Although; the regime is interested in making peace meals intended to prolong its existence in power.


3-      The Sudan Liberation Movement/Army does not possess ,  fighter -jets such as Antonov and Sukhoi, rocket launchers, paramilitary militias  and chemical weapons like the regime in Khartoum with which its committing genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity against innocent civilians in Darfur, especially those children and elders  who are massacred inside the caves and villages of Jebel Marra. Therefore; it’s the criminal  governement of Sudan that is  indicted by the International Criminal Court ICC to be appealed  to engage itself  in real peace process with genuine intentions.


4-     The Sudan Liberation Movement/Army takes this opportunity to solemnly request the head of UNAMID and the joint chief mediator for peace in Darfur Mr. Mmartin Uhomoibhi to visit the IDPs camps in  Darfur to see by himself  how the victims of the genocide are dying by attrition in their concentrated camps instead of staying in an office and lauch such statement. Currently we have 175 IDPs and refugees camp filled with more than 3 million IDPS and refuges who are lacking water, food, medicine, shelter and life-saving necessities. In this year alone more than 500, 000 civilians were internally displaced and hundreds of villages were burned to ashes with unfathomable crimes of mass rape committed with intention to break the will and dehumanize the victims of genocide.


5-       We anticipated , that the head of UNAMID Mr. Martin Uhomoibhi to be honest, humane and courageous to name names and call a spade a spade and not to put the victims and their perpetrators in one rank. However; collaborating with genocide –perpetrators whose head of State is a fugitive to the ICC, is cowardice and disgrace to the International Peacekeeping Mission of UNAMID. Moreover; making such untimely authoritative statements by the head of UANMID gives us an impression that Mr. Martin; is making such statement in order to protect his position.


6-      Once again; the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army wants to reaffirm that, a just and  comprehensive peace is its strategic choice and always will remain, today and not even tomorrow, a peace from the view point of SLM/A  and Sudanese masses and not a peace that the regime want it in order to solidify its grip on power.  




Abdul Wahid Mohammed Ahmed Al-Nour

Chairman of Sudan Liberation Movement/Army


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