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The Council of Ministers held today its first meeting after the formation of the Transitional Civil Government;

 procedural issues related to the organisation of the work of the Council and the regulation of its work during the next phase were discussed as well as agreement to holding a weekly meeting by the Council every Tuesday was approved.

The governments immediate priorities during the next phase are:
To stop the wars and build a just and comprehensive peace by addressing the roots of the causes to the conflicts;
To address the economic crisis, stop any further economic deterioration and address the sharp hike in prices;
The cancellation of laws that restrict personal freedoms; ensure the independence of the judiciary and achieve transitional justice;
The formation of an independent commission of inquiry as announced in the Political Agreement & Constitutional Declaration to investigate crimes committed including that of the protest sit-in on June 3rd;
To ensure the promotion of women’s rights and to take effective action guaranteeing their actual participation;
Reforming the state agencies and the centre governments relationship with the other states, to ensure their ability to work independently and effectively taking into consideration the issue of competence and rehabilitation which include reviewing the proposed government structures
The establishment of a balanced foreign policy that will be taken independently but still takes into account the common interests between Sudan and other nations;
Focusing on the issue of welfare and social development that are related to health, education, housing and social security, including those involving the environment and biodiversity;
The Prime Minister also issued a directive on reducing the use of paper in the ministries and called for the introduction of an IT network system;
A more enhanced and elevated role for young people of both sexes through practical and effective measures in various social and state agencies;
Preparation for the Constitutional Conference before the end of the transitional period including all measures that will help in establishing the process of democratisation while continuing the fight against corruption.

The Prime Minister asked each ministry to prepare a plan based on these directives.

According to the Minister of Culture and Information, the Prime Minister called on the Ministries of Finance and Education to hold a joint meeting on the resumption of the academic year noting that the Minister of Education raised the issue on the problems currently being faced on the lack of textbooks and classroom equipment in a number of states. He requested a release in frozen funds to address the problems in all states but especially towards those facing these problems.

The matter of the resumption of universities academic year was also brought up and a meeting between both the Ministries of Higher Education and Internal Governance, the Federal Council, and the State of Khartoum was agreed on to further discuss the requirements needed for the universities to re-open and where that particular decision will be taken. The Council underlined the need of taking into consideration and into account the views of university professor and student entities, of the proper environment and academic set-up be in place before the decision on re-opening universities is taken.

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