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Sudanese Doctors Union Report on the events of 3rdJune

The massacre of 3rd June at the sit in beside the military headquarters, has claimed upto now 60 martyrs. 3 of whom were drowned and weighed down with large blocks. At autopsy it was found that 2 were shot in the head one while one revived gun shot injuries to  the chest.
The number of those injured are upto 700.
This is by no means a finally tally of those killed the expected numbers maybe more than 100 deceased as a result of the genocidal acts of the 3rdof June 2019 by the RSF militias of the army and other security forces and militias of the National intelligence and security services .
There is a shortage of essential emergency and urgent care supplies including IV solutions and lifesaving medication. There is an immediate need for supplies related to gunshot injuries etc
Physicians of all categories are being denied access to urgent care clinics and access to hospitals where some of the injured have been transferred.
The Sudanese doctors union implores the international community to place significant pressure on the transitional military council to halt all attacks on innocent civilians and to allow physicians safe passage and to stop militias from attacking or blocking doctors from their life saving work and to allow medical supply delivery.


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