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Jebel Marra on the verge of humanitarian collapse as epidemic continue to harvest more lives.

Its more than three weeks since the outbreak of the rapidly spreading cases of a cute watery and bloody  diarrheas, dysentery, pneumonia, measles, eye infections and unknown diseases in and a round Jebel Marra, with skyrocketing numbers of death toll and newly infected civilians the locals were forced to resort to digging herbs and using roots and bark of trees for treatment in complete absence of medicines and medical staff. The head of the health office in Jebel Marra , Mr.  Abdul Aziz Adam Abdella told SLM spokesperson, that the death toll is on the rise with hundreds affected  with the diseases in an environment of non – existence of any medical care whatsoever. Jebel Marra continue to suffer from non existent of lifesaving medicines and health facilities when the regime of Khartoum chased the few relief and  humanitarian organizations in August 2009 and imposed its tight blockade on Jebel Marra. Today under its emergency law Khartoum arrest any traders who  attempt to supply locals with consumer goods or medicines and continue to cover up the outbreak of this epidemic so that more and more civilians perish as part of its genocide policy.and ; we are calling the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons ( OPCW) to investigate the use of chemical weapons as people in Jebel Marra continue to die of unknown diseases.Moreover; we solemnly appeal the humanitarian community embodded in the United Nations and its partner organizations,EU, U.S, U.K and the troika, countries as well as individual countries in the region and worldwide to intervene and take urgent concrete steps to rescue the most vulnerable with diseases population in Jebel Marra.  As the humanitarian landscape is drastically deteriorating, the human suffering in Jebel Marra has reached levels of suffering not seen even in the second world war  and  therefore the Sudan Liberation Movement / Army headed by Abdul Wahid Al Nour is making its last minute call to save lives in this demanding  conditions and the time to act is now.

Due to non availability of network coverage, remoteness of the areas and impassable mountainous roads the Sudan Liberation Movement got only a few names of those affected and perished  in the midst of dozens of people who died and hundreds of others affected and these are some of the names: –

1- Hawa Faisal Mohamed Abdella, 7 years old ( died)

2- Ismail Faisal Mohamed Abdella,  3 years old ( passed away)

3- Ismail Mohamed Ibrahim, 35 years old in critical sickness condition

4- Abdella Faisal Mohamed Abdella, 6 years seriously ill

5- Abdullatif Abaker Abdul Mahmoud, 6 years old gravely sick

6- Mohamed Ibrahim Abdul Jabbar, 5 years old,  critically ill

7- Halima Mohamed Ibrahim, 28 years old, badly sick

8-  Adam Ibrahim Abdul Jabbar, 3 years old in grave sickness situation

9- Mohamed Adam Abdella, 5 years old, in relatively stable health condition

Mohammed Abdelrahman El nair
The spokesperson of the Sudan Liberation Movement/ Army
14/ 03/ 2019.



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