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A call for Civil Upraising to the Sudanese people from Sudan Liberation Movement

Beloved people of Sudan, Brothers and Sisters the hour of liberation is at hand! You are the vanguard of change. You are the light that illuminates the pathway to freedom. Because of your courage and determination, the tyrant trembles in his palace, knowing he can no longer keep you in bondage against your will. His walls and his executioners can no longer protect him. His impunity has come to an end. Your cry for freedom is deafening to his ears and he can no longer silence you. Let the regime hear you roar all the more, for your voices carry the instrument of its destruction. The will of the people awakened as never before after thirty years of oppression is an unstoppable force. You are like the mighty currents of a river flowing into the sea, nothing can set you off course, because justice must be returned to the people. Thus summon your indomitable valor to even greater heights, do not waver, do not hesitate, let nothing restrain you, because the forces of history and destiny are on your side and there is no escape for the liars, thieves and killers that denied you your birthright and made you prisoners in your own country. Now that your chains are broken and you are free from fear, you will never again bow to a cruel master that stole your nation from you., that never had the right to rule over you and never earned your trust acting only in his interests and those of his blood stained and corrupt henchmen, only serving and enriching himself and the few , instead of the people while bringing you the many only ruination and misery.Your refusal to live with injustice, terror, and hunger is a greater weapon than any killing tool the dictatorship’s thugs can bring to bear. What they do not grasp is that your minds and your hearts will never more withstand the starvation  diet of broken promises, deceit, brutality and broken dreams they have forced upon you for a single day longer. Now you are dreaming awake because you seize the promise of a brighter future you deserve and have long been denied with your own two hands. And it is no fantasy ,you can see with your own eyes that you are the engine of revolution, the engine of change and the regime will disappear before you precisely because you cannot accept any other outcome. Power has returned to the people where it rightly belongs, because you are the people and it is your God given right to empower yourselves and live as free men and women in a free society. Now because you dare to seize your future and transform your reality and topple the regime as you must, the outside world which has long ignored you, also watches you. And they too did not know what you were capable of , because now you speak in one voice. You are not from this tribe or that tribe, the shading and color of your skin does not matter, nor how and in what manner you pray, male or female, young or old, from the countryside or the city, the plain, the mountains or the river, north, south, east or west or how you labor or earn your living, from all walks of life to your great credit you have all rallied as one people, as one nation and you are all nothing else but Sudanese. This diversity and unity together is in of itself the key to the future we shall share together as one people we will shape and rebuild one great nation worthy of all us with opportunity for all us , as the brothers and sisters, as members of one great family we were always meant to be, one indivisible Sudan, no longer subject to the cynical division, racism, greed and ideological extremism al Bashir and the regime has utilized to brutalize us and keep us apart and suffering. We will heal those wounds, because the true calling of the revolution is not vengeance but a deep love, a love Bashir could never understand, because it is a universal love of the people who only wish to live in harmony, prosperity and dignity. The new dawn of secular, liberal, democratic and united Sudan will only shine and reflect its light on the promise of a better tomorrow, if you will not let the flame of liberation die out. Some of you putting your bodies before the regime’s guns with only your defiance to protect you, have paid the ultimate price, just as many others among our freedom fighters, the countless innocent victims of genocide and those that disappeared in the torture chambers of the police state went to their graves in unpunished crimes. We all shed tears for those that have fallen and we shall not forget their sacrifice, that unites them as our martyrs in the sacred cause of freedom. We cannot let their stolen lives be in vain. The clubs and guns of the regime’s enforcers can still shatter  your bodies and spill your blood, but they cannot again imprison your minds nor extinguish the fire of liberation burning in your hearts. Keep showing them who you are and who you will be as they are more frightened of you than they dare admit. They are the weak ones now and power belongs to you. Victory belongs to you not to them and if you will not cease as they cannot murder all of us, the writing on the wall is clear, the time of freedom has come. The birth of Sudanese democracy with equal rights and justice for all and the

hour of change has come. It is in your hands, stand together and be as one and tomorrow belongs to you. I salute you with all my heart and devotion, brave people of Sudan all my brothers and sisters that now carry the torch of revolution nothing will stop. Let us go forward together.No justice, no peace! No freedom, no silence! Power to the
people ! Democracy Now!

Abdul Wahid al Nur, Chairman of Sudan Liberation Movement


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