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The leadership of the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army (SLM/A-AW)

The leadership of the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army (SLM/A-AW) unequivocally refutes and repudiates the blatantly fabricated allegations by the regime that the SLM has instigated or participated in any violent action in the nationwide demonstrations against the regime.
The fighting units of the Sudan Liberation Army remain in a battle ready posture throughout Darfur ready to repel any attack by the Rapid Support Forces, state army or security forces, which have never ceased their aggression against the people in either liberated or occupied areas of our region, but it is a ludicrous and patent falsehood for the regime to have stated our armed units have joined in violent activity in the townships and cities across the nation that continue to see the surge of popular anger against the dictatorship, in the ongoing and growing demonstrations calling for President Omar al Bashir and his henchmen to step down from power.
The moral force, courage and conviction of the ordinary citizens of Sudan from all walks of life rallying to make their voices heard after nearly thirty years of authoritarian oppression, entrenched corruption and kleptocracythat has brought the economic ruination of the nation and the barbarous genocidal wars against the people of Sudan by their own government, that also drain the national treasury and stain national honor and violate all principles of human decency, has its own momentum and legitimacy and cannot be stopped unless the regime is prepared to bathe in the blood of the people all the more and carries out an African TiananmenSquare.
Thus, unless called upon to defend the people from wholesale massacres and extra-judicial killing on a grand scale by state forces, we are all too familiar with in our grim experience in Darfur, the SLM/A fully supports the largely peaceful nature of the demonstrations against the dictatorship and advocates that they continue as non-violent resistance against the tyranny the Sudanese people will no longer countenance. In this we draw historical lessons from the successful struggle against Apartheid in former White supremacist South Africa, where Madiba’s triumph was achieved both by non-violent and armed resistance against institutional racism by the African National Congress.
Almost every great revolution in history has witnessed this juxtaposition where the will of the people to bring forth change has been expressed both non-violently and by taking up arms, to secure their freedom. Thus it is also the reality of Sudan, where both forms of struggle are not mutually exclusive. But the regime would do well to remember when the sole means of remaining in power is to crush the people, it has already lost and is doomed to fall, because it only offers death and the people risk their lives to protest, to secure the hope and life of a better tomorrow. Al Bashir has no answers for the present, he is lost in the past and does not recognize the awakening of the Sudanese people is an inexorable force that cannot be subdued unless he wishes to convert the whole nation into a vast cemetery.
The SLM/A stands ready to defend the people of the nation from mercenary killers and torturers of the regime if it becomes our moral duty to intervene to save innocent life in the major population centers, but let it be known that while the purely civil and non-violent elements of the SLM will engage in legitimate protest alongside their comrades from across the spectrum of the Sudanese opposition and people, the soldiers of the SLA remain on the battlefield under strict orders to refrain from action, unless and only when it becomes impossible to merely observe at a distance, if the intervention of our freedom fighters become imperative to prevent a new slaughter of civilians.
The desperation of the regime where the tyrant al Bashir trembles in his shoes knowing his days are numbered, is epitomized by the wildly fantastic tales disseminated by his inept propagandists and apologists. The most unhinged of these criminal inventions is that the SLM/A deliberately seeks to carry out fratricide in order to blame security forces for the butchery of civilians. When we are committed to send al Bashir and all his cronies that have stained their hands with the blood of the people to face international justice at the Hague, this bald-faced lie readily exposes itself as the calumny of a doomed regime. It is as pathetic that the regime names the SLM/A as agents of the Israeli Intelligence service. The SLM/A has for long existed without any form of external support depending only on the will and tenacity of the people, its own resources and what could be taken and captured from the regime. Once more it is the classic death cry of a dictatorship when it finally begins to implode under the weight of its own crimes, misrule and the wrath of the people, that it attributes its own looming demise to outside factors. The regime need only look itself in the mirror to understand why it is bound to drown in the sea of popular outrage that will sweep it from power in the tidal wave of change that is coming.
         The SLM/A as ever stands with the all the people of Sudan, not just with our comrades in armed struggle from the SPLM-N in South Kordofan and Blue Nile State, but all Sudanese, North, South, East and West, regardless of race, tribe, faith, walk of life or place of origin, because ours is a national revolution for one unified nation we seek to return to our God given right to live without fear in a state of equality, free from the extremist ideology that has enslaved our society, where the transparent and impartial rule of law will prevail and a secular democracy will put an end to the divide and conquer policies that have torn us asunder since colonial times. The only road to greatness and prosperity, although rebuilding a just society will be even harder labor than bringing the regime down, is through unity. Only as one people shall we overcome all that oppresses us now and climb to the summit of our aspirations for a brighter future.
      In the name of one Sudan, one people, one shared future, the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army salutes all those that keep taking to the streets to demand what is rightly yours with only the defiance and courage in your heart. We cheer you on and stand beside you. Do not lose heart, stand firm, for your hour, our hour has come, the moment of change for Sudan has arrived and we will build the future together.  History and God is with us all. Keep roaring like lions and make the dictator tremble in his palace and deafen him with your  cry for liberation that will not be silenced.
 No Justice, No Peace! No Freedom, No Silence! Democracy Now!
  Abdul Wahid al Nur, Chairman Sudan Liberation Movement &  Commander in Chief, Sudan Liberation Army.


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