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Humanity Campaign to Stop Chemical Warfare and Genocide in Darfur

Humanity Campaign to Stop Chemical Warfare and Genocide in Darfur

Since year 2002 the Islamist Government in Khartoum led by President Omer Albashir launched its military attacks in Darfur Western Sudan committing  genocide which is still going on up to this date. They mobilized the Arab Militias known as Janjaweeds now by different names and are well trained to use all kinds of weapons without restrictions; disguised under cover of fighting the rebels.
The known Arab Militias on the ground in Darfur are supported by random aerial bombardments on villages and farms, as well as instructed to kill, rape, loot properties and settle other Arab groups brought from Benin, Niger Mali…etc in the lands of the indigenous groups of Darfur; to change the ethnic demography. Therefore; the civilians who fled the death assembled either in IDPs camps or crossed to the neighboring countries seeking for safe heavens and protection, whereby they face another kind of genocide that emanate from hunger, diseases and planed assassinations inside their camps by Islamist regime in Khartoum.
On this tragic human crisis the UN Security Councils since 2004 passed 17 resolutions regarding Darfur that included the resolution 1593 which referred the case of Darfur to the International Criminal Court ICC; and after long investigations the ICC issued warrant of arrest against President Omer Albashir, his aides and Janjaweed leaders who are involved on Darfur genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity.
However; the President Albashir refused to regard or implement a single resolution from the bunch of the United Nations resolutions; instead he bragged addressing UNSC and said; “ All your resolutions soak them in water and drink them ”. Moreover; he deterred the international community and started travelling allover anywhere he wants without any threats or intimidations.
Although; regrettably, all these atrocities happened and still happening, whereby; the international community turned blind eyes on the most worst human tragedy on modern history. This eerie silent of the world on Darfur encouraged President Omer Albashir to have more desire to finish his genocide plans on people of Darfur that increased the suffering of the innocent civilians on the ground home and abroad.
After failing to defeat the Sudan Liberation Movement Army in Jabal Marra the regime of President Albashir developed new scaring warfare in Darfur, to express their frustration by use of Chemical weapons in the villages of innocent civilians in Jabal Marra since 15th Jan 2016 up to today. The report of Amnesty International issued on 29th Sep 2016 approved the use of Chemical weapons in Jabal Marra that have killed more than 500 Children and 1000 women and elders, in addition to several serious infections among the civilians. Nevertheless; the death toll and infections of chemical weapons according to the reports of Sudan Liberation Movement Army three months ago exceeds doubles of the reports of the Amnesty International.
Hence; due to the dejecting reports of the use of Chemical weapons against the innocent civilians in Darfur; we the people of Darfur and Sudan in general appeal all NGOs, pressure groups and all human loving groups to campaign to stop the barbaric Chemical attacks against innocent civilians through reinforcement of the following steps:
1. Appeal the United Nations Security Council to form independent committee of experts to find out the labs of chemical weapons in Sudan and also hideouts to destroy them like the case in Syria.
2. An appeal to send panel of medical doctors to save the lives of the survivors of Chemical weapons.
3. Pressure towards international adoption of no fly zone over Darfur.
4. Reactivation of the 17 UNSC resolutions on Darfur.
5. Mobilize international pressure group to arrest the President AlBashir and his partners who are wanted by International Criminal Court for Darfur crimes.

Abdul Wahid Mohammed Ahmed Al-Nour
Chairman of Sudan Liberation Movement/Army

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