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The Arab Coalition for Sudan holds the Sudanese government responsible for the sinking of 22 children In the Nile River State

The Arab Coalition for Sudan expresses deep regret and deep sorrow for the fall of 22  students and doctors who were victims of the painful and heart-wrenching incident on Wednesday, 15 August 2018, following the sinking of a boat which was carrying them to their schools. “Manasir, Village” River Nile State.

The Arab Coalition for Sudan, the Dam Implementation Unit, the State Government and the Central Government, bear full responsibility for the lives of innocent people, neglect, negligence and marginalization that the region has suffered since the starting of constructing the Merowe Dam began. They were subjected to “finger bites”, another crime added to the regime’s crimes in Darfur, South Kordofan and Blue Nile. Marginalization in services and development was the cause of the conflict, and the state failed to meet the basic needs of its citizens.

This tragic incident reopens the file of those affected by the Merowe Dam and the right of those who reject forced displacement from the owners of the “local option” by denying them the provision of basic services from the creation of the educational and health environment and the construction of infrastructure by building crossings and bridges, Lake Meroe Dam! This is a violation of the right to development as a basic and fundamental right of human and peoples’ rights, and is contrary to the International Covenants on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and civil and political rights.

The people took the official recognition of the Sudanese president during his visit to perform the duty of condolence for their right to “local option”, and the government has continued to procrastinate in its implementation and demands by the people in the area of Manasir,

along with their demands for their rights to compensation for their crops and homes and agricultural lands flooded by Lake Dam, The government has signed two agreements with the Council of the affected parties, including the completion of the six local option projects, but has not fulfilled this. As the residents demand the reconstruction of the area and the provision of basic services, the authorities, including the central government, have ignored these demands and tried to force the Forced displacement to complete the sale and investment scheme, then went up the people from their position to enter into a large sit-in in 2012, but the Dams Implementation Unit and the state government completely ignored the demands despite the signing of an agreement obliges each party to the implementation of the commitments Maalih.

On the basis of statements made by the Governor of the Nile River, Major General Hatim Al-Wasila, and his declaration of assuming full responsibility for the sinking of these innocent people and his willingness to hold accountable, these statements constitute an input to the formation of a fair and transparent commission of inquiry, both national and experienced, with the involvement of representatives of the people and civil society organizations The Arab Alliance for Sudan is calling for the establishment of a professional and technical committee to reassess the situation of those affected by the construction of the Marwa dam by the owners of the local option, and the construction of infrastructure and infrastructure M basic services to Ansan region.

The Arab Coalition for Sudan (AMIS) was established in May 2008 and has more than 130 civil society organizations in 19 Arab countries that advocate for the protection and assistance of those suffering from the effects of conflict throughout Sudan and seek peace for them.

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