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🔥Remanent of bombardments collected from recent  Khartoum’s attacks to areas of South and East  Jebel Marra.

 The regime continued Its unfathomable , destructive, genocidal counter-insurgency campaign in Jebel Marra through well- established scorched -earth policy and ethnic cleansing that includes overtly use of chemical weapons and toxic gases ( shown in the pictures), wanton aerial bombardment, gang rapes, raising of villages , general destruction of civilian life and using humanitarian denial as tool of war, while National Congress Party( NCP) propaganda machine makes baseless and unfounded claims that, the fighting in Jebel Marra is between Arab pastoralists and Sudan Liberation Army chaired Abdul Wahid Al -Nur.Since when pastoralists have war planes, tanks , multi rocket launchers and chemical weapons? Meanwhile; Khartoum continue to parrot that, it had uprooted and crushed the rebellion in Darfur, why then continuing it is escalation of attacks against innocent civilian population using chemical weapons? Is it to finish them off from the surface of earth as Al-Bashir’s blind ethnicity campaign against Jebel Marra population who are overwhelming members of Fur tribe?or to depopulate them and use Jebel Marra as sanctuary to terrorist groups of all kinds? Or find a base to excavate mineral resources in Jebel Marra to replenish loss of oil revenues after independence of the South? and therefore continue genocide, war crimes  and crimes against humanity in the three fronts? Namely, Darfur, Nuba Mountain and the Blue Nile .  In 2016, it was reported that, UN had not come a cross any evidence to  support claims of chemical weapons use in Jebel Marra ( UN News Center , October 4, 2016), moreover; the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) stated in 2016 that, it was not possible to draw any conclusions without further information and evidence being made available that chemical weapons used in Jebel Marra by Khartoum ( UN  News Center, October 4, 2016) , despite Amnesty International report and series of reports issued by Civil Administration of Sudan Liberation Movement providing credible material evidences and interviews of victims of chemical weapons attacks. As the West dithers to investigate , the Sudan Liberation Movement is now providing more information, in a hope that UN will take meaningful steps to investigate.

Mohammed  Abdelrahman Elnair
The Spokesperson of Sudan Liberation Movement


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