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Behind the wailing walls 5

Hassan Ahmed
The sun in the temporary cell as the unknown savior
Who will come, none knows when and where
A sight of bright moon will be the same unknown savior
A moment of the life is zero-hope here
The father, himself, he strangles the hope of his own generation

The abandoned lanes of the blocked walls
Just as the humane rumor
It has a fake appearance carries intruder smile on the ugly face
That face has humane injury
But, the injury itself fails to be healed
The days pass
The months pass
The years pass
The ages pass
The hope has strangles itself by a deliberate way
The father tramples the new born of future by his leg
He feels, he is a savior in the abandoned cell that lives in the remote forgotten land
Here, I need only to see the fake face of the sun in early morning
Here, I need only to see the fake face of the moon monthly at scared night
Who am I?
Who are them?
When the guardian father ignores our temporary hope

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