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At cold moments

Dry breads
Hassan Ahmed

The injured stomach needs them
When the life has been obsessed by that way
She is crying because the breads are not available on the shelves
He is the little boy
The breads have been confiscated from the shelves
We took the streets because breads prices occupy our wallets
The breads have exhausted our wallets
And the breads, itself exhausted us
The bread will continue to exhaust us
When boy thinks about the belly
You know the near future is sham
Before to stable the belly
No school will take serious vow to raise him or her and us too
Please, give us the breads, we could go to school
I need the breads
Tomorrow, I want to attend class early morning
The breads’ prices overthrow my mother every day
Where are you, Mr. Bread
I miss you


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