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“Hunger Strike Against Hunger in the Sudan”

I’m a Sudanese citizen on a hunger strike to convey my message of solidarity with my people and strong resistance.

– No to the vicious and criminal 2018 budget of the corrupt ruling regime of Khartoum.

– No to the deliberate mass starvation of the most majority of the Sudanese people.

– No to the “genocidal” economic policies of Khartoum’s Islamist ruling kleptocrats.

– No to the sky-rocketing prices of food and other basic commodities.

– No to the denial of the freedom of expression.

– No to the mass detention and torture of civilian protesters against hunger.

– Help reverse and revoke the “genocidal” 2018 budget of Sudan

– Help free the hundreds of civilian protesters, leading political figures, journalists, writers and artists still in detention.

– Help stop brutal government violence and repression against innocent civilians

– Help to keep the human worth of the life of Sudanese people and their human dignity

– Support the cause of peace building and democratic change in the Sudan.
– Help the Sudanese to build a better country and a more “habitable” and decent place



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