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Sudanese Detainees since Jan2018


1/Jalalaldeen   Mustafa : Sudanese Congress Party drained since 6/1//18 from Khartoum

2/Omer Aldigair:Sudanese Congress Party detained since7/1/18 From Alobayed

3/Almahi Suleiman :Sudanese CongressParty ,detained since 8/1/18from Sinnar

4/Ahmed Zuhair :Sudanese Communist Party ,detained since 8/1/18from Omdurman

 5/Muhialdeen Aljallad :Sudanese Communist Party , detained since 8/1/8 from Khartoum

6/ Ali Hajo , Activist ,detained since 8/1/18 from Aldamazeen

7/ Mohammed Hassan Saeed ,Activist ,detained since 7/1/18 from Niala

8/ Adil Kalafalla ,Socialist Ba’ath Party detained since 8/1/18 from Khartoum East

9/Yonis Mohammed Ahmed ,Activist ,detained since 7/1/18 from Niala

10/Ahmed Kabo  ,Student , detained since 6/1/18 from Sinnar

11/Ahmed Aljaali ,Student  ,detained since  6/1/18 from Sinnar

12/Areej Musa , Student ,detained since 6/1/18 from Sinnar

13/Hawazin Mohammed,Student ,detained since 6/1/18 from Sinnar

  14/sharhabeel Ihab ,Student ,detained since 8/1/18 from KASALA

15/Abu Bakr Mohammed Aljaili :Student detained since 8/1/18 from Kasala

16/Abdalrahman Abu Ginaya :Student ,Detained since 8/1/18 from Kasala

17/Abu Bakr Sulieman:Student,detained since 8/1/18 from Kasala

18/Mohammed Abdalgadir: Student ,detained since 8/1/18from Kasala

19/Wifag Mohammed Gurashi: Student ,detained since 9/1/18 from Khartoum

20/Mai Faisal :Student ,detained since 9/1/18 from Khartoum

21/Wali Omer Yousif :Student ,detained since 8/1/18 from Khartoum we

22/Mukhtar Abdalrahman :Student ,detained since 6/1/18 from Khartoum

23/Rudwan Dawwod :detained since 6/12/17 Khartoum

24/Maha Yahia  :Sudan congress Party detained since 1/1/18from Sinnar

25/Alsiddeeg Alhamri detained from Sinnar

26/Osman Hassan Salih:Communist Party ,detained on11/1/18 from Alobeid

27/Ali Abualgasim, detained on 11/1/18 from Alobeid

28/Tajaldeen Ali Ahmed, detained on 11/1/18 from Alobeid

29/Adam Ahmed Yagoup ,detained on 11/1/18 from Alobeid

30/Adam Salih, detained on 11/1/18 from Alobeid

31/Ahmed Albasha,detained on 11/1/18 from Alobeid

32/Ahmed Alsuni ,detained on 11/1/18 from Alobeid

33/Salih Isa :Student @Blue Nile University detained on 6/1/18

34/Hamouda Mohammed Ibrahim:Student @Blue Nile University detained on 6/11/18

35/Najat Alrasheed Yagoup :student@Blue Nile University , detained on 6/1/18

36/Hamid Muala detained on 11/1/18 from Aldiain

37/Sabah Kaila teacher detained on 11/1/18 – released

38/ Alhadi Adam :Communist Party ,detained on 12/1/18 from Khartoum East

39/Arafat JamalAldeen Communist Party ,detained on 12/1/18 from Khartoum East

40/ Ameen Saad detained on 1/13 from Khartoum

41/Ahmed Yasin ,HT, detained on 14/1/17 Khartoum East

42/ Ibrahim Alsheik

43/ Ihsan Fagiri #

44/ Najlaa Noorain. Released – Daily recall

45/Radheeda Shamsaldeen released-  Daily recall

46/ Ihsan Kazam_daily recall 



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