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Father of the mirage(92)

Hassan Ahmed
He told us, when you scored high degree of humanity in this World, you would gain human hearts, some of our leaders became causalities of history, I don’t want to be a causality of history like them, the history will steal my brightness of struggle directly, aftermath, I will be disappeared in the clouds of glory, that is a shame, the fighting for all levels of reforms bring injure too, that what makes the majority withdraw fear of shame, this standard of African death, I desire to avert it absolutely, my final stage has to be a bright placard and bright page on me, the father talks in front of National statue of history, this is only, I want to clarify it, I don’t want more for myself, what I want it more to my African people who dig the rock to let the water pour on the arid area which waits the hope that stands behind barricade of waiting.

What makes me happy, that endless job of my people, the age failed to prevent me move there and here, my job has an essential task for the all, the hungry forgot their hunger joined us, imagine, someone his or her stomach empty from anything, decide to be one of this honest mission, her plate is empty, but, doesn’t look at it, to look only on full side of liberation, because African liberation is their mission for a successful future, not for them, for the all.
Meanwhile, we avoid the essential divisions, that is an advanced progress, the significant battle should be about healing internal sickness of our people, it is a recklessness to increase it, the elder father notices internal battle always gives an opportunity to those to enter without a permission, this a setback that challenges us, we ignored it, but, it is a core issue for all of us, when we stand in same line of struggle, after that, we point the guns on ourselves in African ground.


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