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Father of the mirage(76)

Hassan Ahmed
Land tragedy has escalated so much, the  tragedy is irresistible, the daily repeated events are irresistible at all, the tragedy of humane is cruel for the all, they are seeking better present and future, the land became inhospitable for their citizens, the limited spaces became narrow, the hope himself narrowed, the tragedy garment has widened,  tears of citizens have dropped on the old garment, where the African blood and tear mixed the devastating earth, then gave strange mixture of African corruption.

Calmness of fire doesn’t mean the situation is normal, the tragedy like calmness of fire, the strange silence is the most frightened expectation, it always moves around you, without showing the expected result of the tragedy, it is a final diagnosis of cancer, when it will occupy the body, any kind of medicine never remove zero percent of this hidden dangerous disease, the elder father is in s tragedy, real tragedy of land.

Where as you go, it is around you, it is around her, it is around him, it is around us, it is around them, the sad river mentions soft words have different explanation, soft words are deadly, soft word is a trap, you see, the woman of house has put the cake on the trap, it sees delicious and smooth, at the end of the day, the naughty rat became a victim of a delicious cake, this is interpretation of soft word in African political affairs, be careful, don’t let the soft word of politics occupies your mentality, to be as a rat that fallen in the trap, the elder father opens another chapter beyond the softness of words.


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