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Father of the mirage(74)

Hassan Ahmed
As soon as possible the change has dowry might be paid, this strong political relationship of change, its roots have been deepened in the selves, minds, hanged itself on the green and drought trees, it is an intimate relationship toward the African liberation, the dowry of liberation is an expensive, if you are a loyal to it, you will pay it for your land, those members of the trench these days, they decided to abolish that dowry, ironically, they hadn’t contribute by any thing, their speeches of incitement raise highly.
It is the beginning, the vehicle has broken down, the breaking down is an obvious now, only negligent who want to avoid that, the hot sun is walking on your head, it is stupidity to say the weather is fine, facts of break down never meet the requests of others, watch it, the father of burden whispers on earless, the voice has waned, the hope was weakened.

River had dried, it became an area of carcasses, the branches of river transformed to source of harm, that source of hope became source of horror, final destiny for carcasses, and people too.


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