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Father of the mirage(73)

Hassan Ahmed
All eyes turned to the surprising move of members of trench, they are talks of hour, they have changed the situation of land to another different phase, they have appeared from valley of carelessness, the elder father gave signals of caution to these people who wants to African land as a land of the ambition, this current event of demolition the steps towards the salvation and African liberation from the hands of futile leaders, this is a hazardous incident for our people as the elder father and sad river comment on it, eyes on members of the trench, it is a dangerous precedent to Africans, it is unexpected at all, now, the masses will disagree among themselves.

It is a new era of different wrangles will shape also a different route of division in the land, here will be a parallel another movement, but, it is a contradicted movement of people, it never conforms with principles of those who are fighting for the bright future, the elder father asks, who is standing behind them? or who are standing behind them?, the surprising emergence leads to the doubt, it is a kind of internal division.

The sad river tries to recount, it is a wicked division will lead to endless defeat of people, they work hard to distort any attempt of salvation, they contempt our moves to that, the futile hands of state begun to conscript them to demolish that bridge might fill the gap of National futility here, they conscript the most destructive individuals against the African Nation project of liberation, our brothers and sisters of this land deal with them voluntarily, do you understand the internal division of African land, the sad river whispers again to the elder father.


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