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Father of the mirage(72)

Hassan Ahmed
Internal dialogue between the elder father and sad river has staggered at dawn time, it is a hellish moment to want to rise from scattered ash, the ash never demeans you at all, how will you stop the invasive assault?, the elder father warns them, he warns us, the African lost the reciprocal collaboration, when the land needs them to be together, to be in unity, they imposed on them solitary unity, they believed it, that led them to internal disintegration of land, there is named it by father, the sinister wedding of politics, it distanced the people from themselves, everyone doubts the other, they stay at trench of suspicion for long, they extend everyday their solitary, every day they extend their disintegration in African land, they think, they do well.
The elder looks for, why they insist to be in trench of frustration for long time, for decades, they swallow the following frustrations, one of them said, he didn’t know any another place, only this trench, he points to by his dirty weak finger, I will never leave it for anyone, he says to his people around the trench, this is our land, we will defend any invaders from outside, this is one member of community of trench, we hate the change, as members of the trench, those are enemies of ours, they want us to oppose the current regime to make a concrete change, I don’t understand what the concrete change means, you know the enemies have very strange language, it is an unheard language to our ears, the members of trench, they chant, you are right, let them go now, they are not welcome at all.

We are the members of trench, we will work hard to extend our solitary situation, the constitution of the trench, in its first chapter rejects the concrete change, this current regime is recognized by us, let them stay for years, if we will die by hunger, we know those on the chair well, they are liars, cheaters, hypocrites, addicted of National deception, one unhealthy member of the trench says, when we stay or live long time with them, and by your self accepts that kind of National deception, what is the purpose of this surprising change, I doubt the change itself in this land, it is a great lie, we will be here, until we die all, he points to the members of trench by his weak dirty finger.


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