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Father of the mirage(71)

Hassan Ahmed
The road has been constructed by invalid materials, noticing the repetition of perpetual incidents that obstruct you to heading, the symptoms of obstruction of National building are not obvious issues, this continuity put you in the trench of failure, this continuity put him in the trench of assassination, this continuity put her in the trench of wishful thinking, as awaiting the others to restore or build your land, this National trench is one cause of defeat, it is a National trench of African defeatism, the soul contains that defeatism, it fails to contain the symptoms of defeatism in it.

The elder father recounts, the broken soul can breathe, the broken soul can walk, the broken soul can speak and interview, but the broken soul misses the spirit of initiative, it missed the way to be itself, the broken soul wants from others to come and then, at same time, it can do that by itself, it is a curse of history that constructed this curse to continue in the self, the oppressed self, it can deny the right of process, it sees, it is an impossible task to do, the elder father recounts again the history is the most dangerous tool, if it has penetrated the mind of oppressed.

Meanwhile, you want the moment of restoration that thing, you are definitely in the trench, you legs can’t go out from it, it had handcuffed them, you see the keys of handcuffs in front of you, but, your mind can’t see them, according to the elder father, that is called waiting for others to come and save, it is a futility by the mind, it is a farce of history that invades every concert of human, the sad river recounts sadly, the human has been classified according to a geographical direction, race and color to continue justification of blackmail you always, without to ask why.


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