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Father of the mirage(58)

Hassan Ahmed
All the incidents and details of ours have been jailed into locked books of those who falsify the facts, day to day, month to month, year to year, the bars of history became the big cell, the elders explains, the bars of African events have fallen down on the hands of mis-writers, when you feel, you are an alien in your own territory, this is a hidden disaster that always worries us so much, how could you be a hostage at your?, and still believe, you are a hostage, you don’t want to free yourself, this is a modern history of slavery, your project must work to clean this slavery at the modern era of human being.
The truth of human being is not on the earth surface, it is a deep in earth itself, don’t let the surface convinces you, that is only the truth, you should dig deep to know it by yourself, the truth on the earth surface as that an obvious bars, go down to know the secret rooms of constant isolation, these modern bars might be needed the scrutiny from us, the field of liberation is a field of humane knowledge, no one tells you, he monopolizes it alone, the current crisis is about the monopoly of knowledge to deceive the all.
The elder tells them, the bars of history, it aims to cheat the majority, they have nothing to believe in it, this is a historic war against the refusers of the monopolizers of humane history, against the modern slavery of history, against a distortion of humane value, the foe of humane history is a refused of others to be themselves, they opened the next phase of rejection, the chains of opportunism its fate to disappear behind the constant isolation of oppression.


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