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Father of the mirage(40)

Hassan Ahmed
The elder notebook exposes us in front of regional scene totally, it exposes to us, that chair might be unified us, the chair of the African National charade, it was, it is a big lie among this painful land, that sham chair played a significant role and risky attempt to divide our charade National unity, the chair of Nationalism has divided us, more than unify us, the elder remembers us, our first African National unity, it was , it is a first phase to realize the diverse among us, it is only way to remove the mistakes of past, and mistakes of present, then to head forward, as African diversity in this land.
The African National liberation, it might be characterized by the sincere obligation to rebuild this land, it is a land, it suffers from the National carelessness, that chair, if it capitalizes the major African principles for unity, to take a charade advantage, it will denounce, the chair of sham of African unity, it always capitalizes the recent divisions to lie to the silent majority, the elder notebook interprets, the chair of unity, if fails to unify the African diverse, it will never deserve, to act as a National symbolism of this land.
While, the notebook of elder, it tells you directly, when you neglect your history of your own land, and then you adopt the culture of the invaders, by your self, you establish to your social genocide, you ride on vehicle of history of genocide, without you realize, you will detonate your self, blaming of others, it is a justifiable culture, to ignore the National responsibility that stands on our shoulders, does the National African responsibility had s collective or individual responsibility?, it is a question of unanswerable.


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