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Father of the mirage(26)

Hassan Ahmed
We still turn around the restored the missing hope, the circle is closed tightly, those on the streets, they look for the key of salvation, the research is an impossible mission, for the stray individuals, no guide to take from it credible instructions, you don’t know how to enter the closed circle and go out, the guidance is mysterious, hi, my friend, why are you so quiet?, you are under shadow of National statute, it is a significant symbolism to the inspiration, please, don’t be quiet, the elder desires to give hope to this stray person, it sees, lost the direction totally.
As soon as, you focus on your dream of the injured land, and keep it, the ray of that, it will emerge to your green beautiful merciful, inspired land, keep it always, push it forward, remove that pessimistic thoughts from your minds, you are not alone here, you are a source of inspiration, for the future, your collapse, it will reach the silent majority, those, their dreams rise up from your perpetual strength, hi, you know now, why your firmness is source of success.
The elder has risen up, by that alive hope, opened a new phase to the hopeless, jobless people in this wounded grounded, the land restored the confidence of itself, slogans of pessimistic have been dropped , this exaggerated slogans, have not place here, it distanced the masses from arrival the shore of safety.


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