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Father of the mirage (11)

Hassan Ahmed
Whatever, the elders, he sheds tears under his feet, at dusty statute of liberation, tears of grief which tells a brutality of a new era of state, the states which monopolizes the legal brutality, thus, he recounts daily, the daily issues of generations head to miserable direction, it is a direction of the oppressive totalitarian of traders of legal illusion.
The innocent dream has been jailed deliberately, as I see on these pages, and lanes, corners of liberation, they accepted the legal brutality, as they think, it is a right of state, the old man looks behind, may be , some one behind him, she or he will inform the administration of darkness, he addicted the detention, as a fear publishes in the daily newspapers, no way to feel it, it always follows you, if you don’t it to follow you.
By the way, you might expect every thing, you have not time to undergo the symptoms of current failure, if you will adopt the caution of terror, say it, although the risky consequences in this country of systematic suppression, when that time comes, the truth will be behind the bars.


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