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Father of the mirage (7)

Hassan Ahmed 
As the inhabitants of remote villages or cities and towns, then sub towns, some of them agree about the values of currents different communities, and others disagree about the thoughts of new institutions might serve the majority according to the values which founded this a modern constitution after years of abroad suppression and oppression, you have to pay for this, but, what you will get it, only the systematic oppression, you will go to the battle field for this beloved, the big possibility, you never return, your children dismiss from the educational institutions, because of lack of fees, you sacrificed by your expensive ownership, the live soul, you believe this will take Carr of your family, what will take place?, it will the opposite absolutely.

How many people?, you know them, they died for the futile wars, because of wrong publicizing to the few or families, or a few opportunists who climbed the chairs of power, when the sincere leaders who described by the betrayal and subversion of state supremacy, he relates, the state supremacy became instrument of daily suppression, when the values of equality will prevail here?, or it is a bright motto, that increases the sham supremacy of state.
It is a right time to instigate your people to understand their issues, he insists to repeat, he is now a voice less, the instigation against the dirty game of life might be reached to the end, the woman has a significant role to play in this journey of change, the daily changes of life, always wounded her deeply, the escapers of the responsibility, their numbers increase day by day, values of social equality might be prevailed.



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