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Father of the mirage (4)

Hassan Ahmed
The man who came from the village, it is a remote area in the busiest region, he is nor an affected person, he is a believer of an egalitarian, his beliefs of this issue, it has buried in the in unknown direction here in Africa, only sights about the lost of dream, he was an affectionate man, he is an affectionate man too, aftermath of occurrence, what is the meaning of after math?, that, he always says it inside his closed door, the answer is an impossible for many years of self-exiled, he is living in the community, also his mind is isolated from it.
Really, this man, he needs urgent relief, but, who knows his condition here, he stands alone, he is deliberating deeply about the destiny, he is a stern man, he is laughing by satirical so much, those believe, they liberated their minds, yes, liberated the occupied just, what about the minds of theirs?, it will a long time to understand their current position.

To concession of the principles, it is disappearance in the situation of victory, the human lives in the earth only one term, don’t hide the humanity principles to content the mislead figures, the fidelity is only document of the confident, avoid the daily dependency, it smears the journey of fidelity, it is a plague, the old man is an ambassador to this abandoned land, with out official delegation.


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