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Behind the wailing walls 27

Hassan Ahmed The ragged lights creep towards the bloody walls The lights creep tirelessly On the multiple ways, the widespread mines welcome them angrily It is a farcical welcome Its envelope deceptive The forgotten dead had rested here, without know, they are here now This is a deceptive song of …

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Behind the wailing walls 25

Hassan Ahmed Behind the forgotten isolated walls The souls lie on temporary cemetery They could breathe But, it is a breath which mixed breathless One day, they attempted to climb it quickly When the heartless kind less father noticed the courageous trial He snatched them suddenly then drop them in …

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Behind the wailing walls 24

Hassan Ahmed Meanwhile, the angry river attacked the remote shack It dragged it to the forgotten space Where the bloods run to different directions To murder the stray souls in the dirty streets It is a devilish system of killing Where, it never knows the manufactured mercy From there, he …

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Behind the wailing walls 23

Hassan Ahmed However, his country goes towards the bloods None wants to see the hilarious picture of country The wailing country bleeds monthly The fake green pasture on the hanged screen on the room It bleeds broke joy His mind of joy is bankrupt Country’s pockets have been depleted before …

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Behind the wailing walls 20

Hassan Ahmed The devastating words snatch him tightly When he returned from the river’s mirror The tired face regained its staggered future to lighten groomy The futuristic river runs mindlessly to brink of fruitlessness While, the injured moments of human being stabbed It bleeds in front of grabbed childhood The …

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Save Wad Galiba Campaign

We  appeals for urgent action  and we call for intervention  from  all  activists and organizations which interested in the field of human rights to stand  and support and solidarity with the Sudanese blogger and activist Hisham Ali Mohammed Ali he known as Wad Galiba at social media who was arrested …

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